02 Feb

Petition – Against War with Iran.


Dear The McGlynn,

Senator Menendez and his caucus of warmongering Democrats blinked.

Last week, Senator Menendez and nine other Democrats sent a letter to the White House saying that they won’t vote on diplomacy-killing sanctions on Iran until after March 24.

That’s great news, and evidence that our pressure – including over 65,000 petition signatures to Senator Menendez, hundreds of tweets, and great press coverage in New Jersey’s paper of record1 2 and the Huffington Post3 – is working. But new sanctions on Iran are still on the table, so we have to do even more to call out Senator Menendez for warmongering on Iran.

The stakes in this fight are enormous – in part because the debate over our negotiations with Iran is a microcosm of a much broader debate about whether violence or diplomacy is more effective at protecting our national security.

If Senator Menendez’s warmonger caucus gets its way, the United States will likely end up in a bloody, costly war of choice with Iran.

But if progressives like us run interference with Congress so that our diplomats can successfully strike a deal with Iran, it will be a major blow to hawks who believe that war is the answer to every foreign policy problem America faces.

In short, a successful Iran deal will show once again that diplomatic pressure, not war, is the most important tool we have for keeping Americans safe.

This isn’t a fight any of us can afford to sit out. I hope you’ll join me in calling on Senator Menendez to stop pushing new sanctions that would put us back on the path to war and confrontation with Iran:

Thank you for speaking out against war with Iran.

– Zack

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Stop Senator Menendez from warmongering on Iran

Tell Senator Robert Menendez: “Your campaign to impose additional sanctions on Iran is nothing short of irresponsible warmongering. Immediately drop your dangerous Iran sanctions bill, which will kill diplomacy and risk another unnecessary war of choice in the Middle East, and support President Obama’s diplomacy.”


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