19 Apr

Outrage against Frontline’s “Obama’s Deal”

Outrage from all sides

Frontline Article

Outrage from all sides
That’s the reaction to last week’s “Obama’s Deal” report. Take a look at these letters…

Some of the comments:

……frontline needs to tell the truthto the american people a public apology needs to be aired on PBS and in the newsapers for distorting the facts. this program will only fuel the republicans and teaparty people for dividing the country…i hope that frontline is not too proud and admit that they goofed.

I was disappointed with the coverage of PBS and NPR during the healthcare reform debate, and this show also seems biased. The story appears to be complimentary of Sen. Grassley, when in fact he repeatedly told one of the biggest lies about the bill, that it was going to kill your grandma! Also, Scott Brown campaigned on the promise of not playing the deal-making game in Washington (which is not new to Prez Obama’s admin – it’s as old as dirt) but he’s already vowing to oppose financial reform and retain the status quo for the billionaire banksters. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce lavished Brown with $1 million on TV ads and ThinkProgress reported that business and Wall Street executives added to Brown’s coffers with over $200,000 in 11th-hour contributions – nearly half of his total haul just in time for his election. Now, Brown seems to be returning the favor to Wall Street.

And your story ommitted altogether the fact that the Republicans actually got numerous things put into the bill they requested, and the “cornhusker kickback” and other objectionable deals were removed!

What is with Frontline? You did two reports on health care and in both left out single payer, Medicare for All? In the first, T.R. Reid, said you left out the one commonality of the variety of health plans in Europe–none have for-profit health care (like we do in the U.S.). And, in Obama’s Deal you should people protesting but never said that they were demanding that single payer be included in the debate. This was a critical part of the story as it showed Obama making a deal with the industry at the very beginning — he would not threaten their existence (even though we do not need them).

 Why is Frontline so prejudiced against single payer that it will deny viewers all the information and accurate reporting about what happened? I really want to know. This is not a rhetorical question. Write me at with your answer.

This was perhaps the weakest Frontline documentary I have watched (I have seen almost all of them). I think the producers here adequately built the front of the story, but failed to appropriately address the complexity of the latter half of the story. The protagonist here in this storyline is Obama, clearly; however, Pelosi received very short reference when, in the end, she likely played a much more significant role in reviving the health care bill. The producers essentially skipped how exactly the health care finally passed–which should be the climax of the story. Probably the producers ran into time issues, and had a hard to putting all of the intricacies into 56 minutes. To do that though, they sacrificed the climax, and the most important point, how exactly the bill was passed. That is too bad that they couldn’t get the “green light” to get another 30 minutes at least to give this film the space it needed to adequately explore the final month of the health care debate. Sorry Frontline, you guys are great, but this one was a dud.

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Celestina Caldon

Stunning pics! I appreciate the post so much! 😉

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