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Our Journey To Smile

Dedicated to the path of Our Journey To Smile

Afghan love letter 


Why You Should Support Our Organization at:

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

These young Afghans
 – are living in a war-torn country
 – they, like Gandhi, are not pointing at anyone saying “you are wrong”
 – they ask us all to stop & talk with each other . . .

 – they are leading the way by talking with young people around the world . . .   one village at a time. 

You can support them through the Fellowship of Reconciliation 

 June 2010 We want to work for peace intelligently and will do so because we believe in worth and dignity of each individual.  

See also: The People’s Journey – Inspired by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

Please read our Open Letter from Afghan Youth to our World Leaders 

Global Day of Listening to Afghans 

19th December 2010 

Why not listen? 

Why not love? 

To share the pain of Afghans and people in conflict all over the world, 

please join us in Afghanistan 

by taking a few minutes on the 18th & 19th of December 2010 

to Skype call us or call us directly, from wherever you are 


1. To arrange a call on the 18th & 19th of December 2010 


2. To support our Open letter from Afghan Youth to our World Leaders,  

by emailing “YES, Why not listen?” 

Please call us…tell us when your heart has pain. 


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