27 Jun

Our Country’s Treasure & Our Children In Iraq

Letter sent to Michigan’s United States Senators:
To: Senator Levin
Senator Stabenow

I have enclosed a DVD which contains two renderings, “Our Country’s Treasure” and “Our Children In Iraq”. Why have I enclosed them? I have run out of words and patience. Upon reflection I have become a very disheartened and, at times, a very angry citizen. I challenge you to view the DVD.
I am a seventy-five year old liberal, a long past member of the Michigan Democrat State Central Committee, having begun my active support of the Democratic Party in Kansas in 1952, working for the election of Adlai Stevenson. The best of times were this campaign, the following one and the McGovern campaign. I write this because, even though we did not stand a chance in hell, the endeavors were the right thing to do.
You and a majority of fellow democrats have surrendered to the worst president in our history. In my view a criminal who is guilty of high crimes against our country and our world.
You have kept our country’s treasure in harm’s way, thereby sending hundreds of our citizens to their death and thousands of our children, women and innocents in Iraq to their death. I write with emphasis “our children”. Those Iraqi dead children are “our children”. Those Iraqi children wounded, maimed are “our children”. Those Iraqi women are “our sisters”. Those Iraqi innocents are “our brothers”.
You have chosen shame instead of nobility. And by doing so you have shamed my country.
The McGlynn


To view the videos Our Children in Iraq Part 1 and

Our Children in Iraq Part 2 please click here: videos

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