22 Sep

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You need to know this. Troy Davis died last night at 11:08pm
– and dying with him was the legitimacy of our criminal justice system. Just
minutes after the United States Supreme Court unanimously denied a last minute
appeal for a stay of execution – Davis was strapped into a gurney and wheeled
into the death chambers. With his final words – he once again proclaimed his
innocence – telling the family of slain officer Mark McPhail – that he was
innocent and he urged them to keep seeking the truth. He told his family to
keep praying and keep fighting – and then he turned to his executioners and
said, “May God have mercy on your souls.” And with that – the lethal drug
cocktail was pumped into his arm – and Davis was dead fifteen minutes later.
Davis’s attorney Jason Ewert witnessed the execution and said afterward, “I had
the unfortunate opportunity tonight to witness a tragedy, to witness Georgia
execute an innocent man.” Now the entire nation has to live with it. Time for
some soul-searching in American – do we really want to be a nation that
executes the innocent?

Oil oligarchs Charles and David Koch are now worth $50
billion – more than five times what it was ten years ago – making their
combined wealth second only to Bill Gates. And it looks like they made a large
chunk of their money screwing the rest of us over at the gas pump. According to
the Center for American Progress – for the last several years – the Kochs have
engaged in rampant oil speculation – meaning they place bets that the price of
oil will go up – and when it does go up – they make a ton of money – while the
rest of us have to deal with paying more at the pump to keep our cars running.
According to Goldman Sachs – thanks to banksters and the Kochs manipulating oil
prices – each barrel of oil is roughly $27 more expensive because of
speculation. Between 2004 and 2008, when the price of oil surged from around 30
bucks a barrel to well over 100 bucks a barrel – the Kochs also saw their
fortunes surge – from $5 billion to well over $35 billion. And back in 2009 –
ThinkProgress reports that the Kochs admitted they are one of the top 5 oil
speculators in the world. These guys aren’t “job creators” – they are
apparently among the hucksters who are running up the price of gas and ruining
our economy………………………………

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