05 Nov

Oh, That It Were So

As Thanksgiving approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to those things for which we are thankful.  Of course, we are most grateful for the health and happiness of our family and friends, but, in  addition,  there are other blessings we share with our fellow Americans.

We are thankful that we are a country at peace with the peoples of the world; that our sons and daughters are not dying or falling wounded in a far-off country,  in a misbegotten war; that our leaders continually strive to promote and engage in international diplomacy and pre-emptive peace making.

We are thankful that our President and Vice-President are persons of integrity, high intelligence, and competency, whose administration has been marked by an absence of corruption and waste and policy failures; a President and Vice President whose statements regarding the critical issues of our time are truthful and inspiring,  whose speeches to their fellow countrymen and women and those directed to the world-at-large promote understanding, tolerance, and goodwill, rather than divisiveness and fear.

We are thankful that our Constitution is revered and continues to guide the on-going development of our democracy; that the members of our three branches of government fulfill their constitutional responsibilities and adhere to the constitutional limits of their powers; that the Congress fully engages in its role of governmental oversight, law making, and funding of government programs; that the members of the Supreme Court are acutely aware of the democratic values contained in our Constitution and remain completely non-partisan in all of their decisions; that our President acts wisely, prudently, and within the Constitution in his capacity as Commander-in Chief.

We are thankful that our Congress and our President work together to devise national policies which promote the common good rather than the narrow interests of special, powerful groups; that among these policies are those that address the needs of Americans who still struggle to overcome poverty, lack of health care, and inadequate education in a land of plenty for many.

We are thankful that our President and members of his administration have been in the forefront in recognizing the validity of the threat of global warming and have joined others, knowledgeable in the science of climate change, to develop and promote policies to address our country’s dependence on fossil fuels and our disproportionate contribution of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

We are thankful that we live in a Republic where debate, dissent, and protest are viewed as fundamental to our democratic way of live, where those who engage in protests are not villified; that we live in a country whose laws and practices ensure the constitutional rights of our citizens, including protection from illegal search and seizure without warrant, the right to legal recourse, and the right to privacy in our personal lives.

We are thankful we live in a country whose signature on international treaties and conventions establishing standards of behavior in war is honored by our leaders, including the legal and human rights of those we hold captive.

We are thankful  that our President and Vice President are respected and admired thoughout the world and that our country continues to be viewed as a good and honorable nation among nations.

Happy Thanksgiving, America..

(And as we gather with our family and friends on this coming Thanksgiving Day in year 7 of the disastrous Bush/Cheney mis-administration, let us all raise a toast to better times.)

Mary Oleary-McGlinn

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