07 Jul

Obama: Putting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits on the chopping block.

The McGlynn,

URGENT: The New York Times reports that President Obama is offering Republicans “substantial spending cuts, including in such social programs as Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security — programs that had been off the table.”

Will you join 100,000 others who have signed this urgent pledge, which we’ll deliver to the Obama campaign?

“President Obama: If you cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits for me, my family, or families like mine, don’t ask for a penny of my money or an hour of my time in 2012. I’m going to focus on electing bold progressive candidates who will fight to protect our Democratic legacy.” Click to add your name.

The Washington Post reports that “congressional Democrats were alarmed by the president’s proposal.” 

Frankly, it’s outrageous. President Obama is on the verge of doing what George W. Bush couldn’t do with a Republican Congress: Put Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits on the chopping block.

We’ve done the polling in swing states — by overwhelming margins, voters oppose these cuts. There’s no need for a bad “deal.” If we fight, voters are on our side.

But if President Obama caves on these core principles, he will be harming all Democrats in 2012 — and millions of Americans will suffer. It’s just wrong.

Tell the president that if he doesn’t fight for Americans now, our money and time will be used fighting for others in 2012. Click here.

The 100,000 who already signed gave over $8.4 million and 1.4 million volunteer hours to the president in 2008. The White House is absolutely watching the progress of this pledge — and we’ll deliver it to the Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago soon. 

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Neil Sroka, Michael Snook, and the PCCC team.

P.S. We’ll be on MSNBC’s Ed Show tonight around 10:40pm EST discussing this.

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