01 Jun

Non-Approved GMO Wheat Found On Oregon Farm & More

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President Obama Uses a Sledgehammer Against Dissent
by Amy Goodman
“From Jeremy Hammond to Bradley Manning and the AP, Obama’s ‘assault on journalism’ is a threat to our democracy.”
We’re Being Watched: How Corporations and Law Enforcement Are Spying on Environmentalists
by Adam Federman
“The fossil fuel industry’s targeting of its critics goes beyond mere surveillance. Natural gas drilling companies have also flirted with using the dark arts of psychological warfare, or ‘psy ops.'”
Obama’s New FBI Chief Approved Bush’s NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Scheme
by Glenn Greenwald
“James Comey becomes just the latest symbol of the Obama legacy: normalizing what was very recently viewed as radical.”
German Official Warns of Immediate ‘Revolution’ if EU Adopts US Model
by Andrea Germanos
“Europe must not drop its welfare model in favor of US standards or it will spark a revolution ‘not tomorrow but the same day,’ Germany’s Finance Minister warned on Tuesday.”
The New Farm Bill is an Economic Disaster
by Heidi Moore
“Just when you think Congress can’t get any dumber, it crafts a $1 trillion farm bill that harms the poor and promotes unhealthy food.”
Non-Approved GMO Wheat Found On Oregon Farm
by Common Dreams staff
“Officials with the US Department of Agriculture announced the detection of a non-approved strain of genetically modified (GMO) wheat on an 80-acre Oregon farm.”
Good Consumers, Bad Citizens
by Michael Winship
“When did our celebration of profit take precedence over fundamental fairness and justice?”
Imposing Syria ‘No Fly Zone’ Would Be Act of War, Warn Critics
by Jon Queally
“Peace advocates and policy experts say the euphemistic term belies the reality that a massive bombing campaign would come first”
Burning Tulsa: The Legacy of Black Dispossession
by Linda Christensen
“We wanted students to connect the current economic struggles of people of color by staying alert to these dynamics from the past. We wanted to bring the story home.”
Think Fracking Is Bad? Wait Until You Hear about the Gas Industry’s “Acid Jobs”
by Jacob Chamberlain
“It is a ‘scandal’ how little the public knows about ‘rock melting’ extraction process”

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