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Hans Blix: The Iranian threat

On Talk to Al Jazeera

Army shells Homs as Annan goes to Russia

Syrian forces continue assaults on opposition strongholds, as UN envoy heads to Moscow for talks on halting violence.
Last Modified: 24 Mar 2012 13:03 GMT

The dangers of reporting the ‘war on terror’

Listening Post

24 Mar 2012 13:36 GMT
We look at Obama’s role in the continued imprisonment of a Yemeni journalist and the issues behind it.

Joseph Kony: African Union brigade to hunt down LRA leader

24 Mar 2012:
Force of 5,000 troops from central African countries to be formed to ‘stop Kony with military hardware’, envoy says
George Clooney in Darfur

George Clooney’s satellite spies reveal secrets of Sudan’s bloody army

Actor and activist funds a hi-tech project that is tracking troops and warning civilians of attacks

Opinion: Lavrov’s delusion

The Russian foreign minister said what he said about the Syrian crisis, and the blatant sectarianism present in his disastrous statement in which he said that the ouster of Assad will prompt regional countries to establish Sunni rule in Syria, has brought an important question to mind, namely: What will the Syrian minorities do?

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