08 Feb

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The Beck Week That Was – The Chicken Little Edition

Reported by Aunty Em – Tue 6:40 AM

Last week will forever be known as the week the wheels fell off Glenn Beck’s little red wagon. As Beck scrambles to find a “Unified Conspiracy Theory”—linking Progressives to everything evil, up to and including the fall of President Mubarak—the Fox “News” talker has talked himself into derisions of laughter, and not only from those on the left. Conservatives are also taking pot shots, of the rhetorical kind, at America’s Historian-in-chief. And, true to form, Beck is taking the evidence that everyone’s against him as further proof that he is right about everything he ever said. If you had to sum up the entire week, it would be, the sky is falling, as Beck himself noted:

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Hannity’s Focus Group Thinks Obama’s A Muslim

Reported by Ellen – Tue 12:22 AM

Frank Luntz was back on Hannity last night (2/7/11) with another suspect focus group. This time, Luntz made no pretense of balance. He told us up front that the sea of white faces was a group of Republican Iowa caucus voters. But even he seemed taken aback when a majority of the group agreed that President Obama is a Muslim. Sean Hannity made sure to correct the record – by noting that he believes Obama is a “very leftist, socialist, redistributive… radical (Christian).”

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