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James Berry, a Conservative, asks for a reassurance that EU citizens in the UK have a secure future here.

Cameron says the first thing to do is to tell them their contribution is welcomed. He says at the moment all their rights are guaranteed. We are still members of the EU. He says the leave campaigners said EU nationals would be entitled to say. But the government is not in a position to offer a guarantee now, because the negotiations have not taken place.

  • Cameron says government is not in a position now to guarantee that EU nationals living in the EU will be unaffected after Brexit. But he said the leave campaign did promise this……………..

Series of deadly explosions tear through crowds at Atatürk international airport on Tuesday evening in attack officials blame on Islamic State

Turkish emergency services help wounded people outside Istanbul’s Atatürk airport on Tuesday evening after a series of blasts left 36 people dead and scores more injured. Officials have blamed the attack on the Islamic State terror group.


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House Benghazi report faults military response, not Clinton, for deaths

Benghazi report blames military for slow response after attacks – video

Opinion: Is Hillary Clinton a neocon?

American conservatives find new British darling in Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Campaign live Trump echoes Brexit: ‘It’s time for Americans to take back their future’

Donald Trump Campaign denies reports he is rolling back proposed Muslim ban

Opinion: What would electing Donald Trump be like? Like Brexit


New report says Flint water crisis is not an anomaly, as analysis reveals 5,363 water systems – providing drinking water to 18 million – breached federal laws

‘Flint symbolizes how disastrous the gaps are in the system and there really is a much broader problem,’ says health director of organization that produced the study.

‘Flint symbolizes how disastrous the gaps are in the system and there really is a much broader problem,’ says health director of organization that produced the study. Photograph: Rebecca Cook/Reuters

More than 18 million Americans are served drinking water by providers that have violated federal laws concerning lead in water, with only a tiny proportion of offenses resulting in any penalty, a new report has found.

The toxic water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is “not anomalous”, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report states, with widespread violations of national rules designed to protect people from lead, a known neurotoxin that is harmful even in small doses.

NRDC’s analysis of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data shows that 5,363 water systems, which provide water to more than 18 million people, breached the federal Lead and Copper Rule last year. These violations include the failure to properly test water for lead or inadequate treatment of water to prevent lead from leeching from old pipes into the drinking supply.

The violations occurred across virtually every US state last year. Most seriously, 1,110 community water utilities provided water that exceeded the EPA’s actionable limit for lead in water. This means that more than 3.9 million Americans were exposed to dangerously high levels of lead in 2015.

Despite the widespread failure of water suppliers across the US, very few were punished by the EPA last year. Of more than 8,000 violations of federal laws, enforcement action was only taken against 11% of cases. Penalties were sought for just 3% of violations, meaning there is “no cop on the beat”, according to the NRDC.

In a statement, the EPA said it recognized there are “ongoing challenges in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule”.

“The agency has intensified work with state drinking water programs with a priority focus on implementation of the rule, including engagement with every state drinking water program across the country to ensure they are addressing any high lead levels and fully implementing the current rule,” the regulator said…………….




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