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Britain votes for Brexit

World affairs editor

EU reaction EU governments pile on UK to speed up Brexit process

Live updates Pro-Brexit MEP rolls back on immigration pledge

Article 50 What is it and why is it so central to the debate?

Trump and Brexit Parallel campaigns built on fear, anger and charisma

Who is Boris Johnson? The eccentric blond New Yorker set to rule the UK

A pyrrhic victory? Boris Johnson wakes up to the costs of Brexit

Opinion:Richard Wolffe America should heed Brexit’s populist warning

Analysis What will Brexit do to Britain’s place in the world?


Fear, loathing and firearms: sensory overload inside the NRA’s Mall of Death

Guns and wall-to-wall star-spangled patriotism are the National Rifle Association’s way of projecting a rugged image of strength to its members, but they also point to the steady current of hysteria throughout American history


“A frightened population is obedient.”

– Hunter S Thompson

“I’m not scared about going to jail. Somebody’s got to do something to knock the fear out of these negroes.”

– Muhammad Ali

At the 145th National Rifle Association annual meetings and exhibits, you could see and purchase replica flintlock muskets like the kind Daniel Boone used, “wardrobe” handguns the size of a cellphone, a carriage-mounted 1883 Gatling gun, historic firearms from the Renaissance down through the latest Surge, bullet-splat jewelry, deep-concealment holsters, triple barrel shotguns, and camo everything – coolers, flasks, four-wheelers, deer blinds, infant-wear and sexy-time lingerie.

There was a motorcycle with a .50-caliber machine gun mounted on the handlebar (sorry, not for sale); all manner of scopes, optics, and laser-sighting technologies; “shelf-stable” food products; bulk ammo, precision ammo, make-your-own-ammo ammo; historical exhibits; mom-and-pop purveyors of cleaning fluids and swabs; and corporate icons with slick, multi-level sales areas worthy of a luxury car showroom.

And the flag, everywhere, all the time, the stars and stripes popping from pistol grips, knives, banners, T-shirts, shawls, bandannas, product brochures and shopping bags. American, America, sweet land that we love. A photo spread for a well-known US gun manufacturer featured a whiskery, camo-clad, Viagra-aged caucasian male standing in ankle-deep marsh with a dog by his side, shotgun slung across his back and a large US flag in one hand, the pole planted in the muck as if staking a claim.

A country, a product, a lifestyle. That word shows up often in firearms ad copy, as in: “We find peace in the solitude of this lifestyle, and we thrive on all the great outdoors has to offer.” But on this rainy opening day of the NRA convention all the action was indoors. “Eleven Acres of Guns & Gear”, promised the banner in front of the Kentucky exposition center, a thuddingly nondescript series of enormous beige boxes that inhaled thousands of conventioneers without so much as a belch. How big is 11 acres? Felt like a hundred, which isn’t to say that this conventioneer was the least bit bored……………


At least 23 people have died and hundreds more have been rescued from swamped homes as state pummeled by rain

Elkview, West Virginia after the state was pummeled by up to 10 inches of rain on Thursday. At least 20 people have died in the floods.

Elkview, West Virginia after the state was pummeled by up to 10 inches of rain on Thursday. At least 20 people have died in the floods. Photograph: Reuters

As a deluge swamped West Virginia in a disaster that killed at least 23 people Ronnie Scott’s wife called him and told him their house was filling up with water. She fled to the attic with two dogs and a cat and waited. She smelled natural gas.

Then, the house blew up.

Belinda Scott was able to break a vent and get out onto a porch, then make it onto a tree, which she clung to for hours before being rescued by state police, Ronnie Scott said on Friday. His wife was in the hospital with burns to 67% of her body. The pets did not make it out alive…………


US politics

Election 2016

Latest ElectionMinute

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Donald Trump deserves his frosty reception in Scotland




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