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  • Julianne Moore and Melissa Joan Hart join parents on Brooklyn Bridge
  • Moms Demand Action founder: ‘Tough mothers are here to stay’
Gun sense march

Julianne Moore and her fellow marchers make their feelings heard in Brooklyn, before crossing the East River to Manhattan. Photograph: Lois Beckett/the Guardian

In December 2012, when the news broke that classrooms full of first-graders had been shot to death at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, Julianne Moore was on a movie set in Queens.

She turned off the TV in her trailer and asked the crew not to talk about the shooting. Her 10-year-old daughter was with her, and she wanted to shield her from the news.

The same day, Melissa Joan Hart was at home in Connecticut with her family. One of her sons was also a first-grader, at a different public school in the state.

“The first thing I thought,” she said on Saturday, “was, ‘This couldn’t really be happening in Connecticut.’ I didn’t think it could be anything really serious in Connecticut.”

The news “shook my world”, she said. She remembers yelling to her husband, “bring my baby home to me,” as he went to pick him up.

The two Hollywood stars joined hundreds of other parents in New York City on Saturday, marching across the Brooklyn Bridge in a call for stricter gun control laws.

The march, organized by Moms Demand Action, a gun control group backed by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, was in its fourth year. It was first held in January 2013, a month after the shootings in Newtown.

“What do we want? Gun sense!” the protesters chanted, as they moved slowly across the bridge. “When do we want it? Now!”

One Long Island eight-year-old held up a sign that asked: “Who is afraid of a background check?”………

New London mayor deplores attempts ‘to turn ethnic communities against each other’ during Zac Goldsmith’s campaign

Sadiq Khan Begins and wife Saadiya at his signing-in ceremony at Southwark cathedral.

London’s new Labour mayor Sadiq Khan and wife Saadiya at his signing-in ceremony at Southwark cathedral. Photograph: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Sadiq Khan, the new Labour mayor of London, has launched an extraordinary attack on David Cameron and his defeated opponent, Zac Goldsmith, accusing them of trying to turn different ethnic communities against each other to stop him winning in the capital.

Writing in the Observer after becoming the most powerful Muslim politician in Europe, Khan says the prime minister and Goldsmith deployed tactics “straight out of the Donald Trump playbook” – a reference to the anti-Muslim campaign of the Republican hopeful in the US.

Khan wrested control of the capital from the Tories after eight years under Boris Johnson, in what turned out to be a comfortable win. He said he had hoped the campaign would focus on issues such as housing, transport and air pollution. “But David Cameron and Zac Goldsmith chose to set out to divide London’s communities in an attempt to win votes in some areas and suppress voters in other parts of the city,” he said……….

Clashes with police at Brenner Pass coincide with far-right march in Germany calling on Merkel to resign

Activists protest at the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria

Protests at the Brenner Pass against the Austrian government’s plan to bring in border controls. Photograph: Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images

A demonstration against a plan to restrict access through the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria has turned violent, with Italian police firing teargas at hundreds of protesters throwing stones and firecrackers.

The clashes coincided with scuffles in Berlin between far-right marchers calling on the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, to resign over immigration and a much larger group of leftwing counter-demonstrators.

Austria has said it plans to erect a fence at the Alpine crossing it shares with Italy to “channel” people. Part of Europe’s borderless Schengen zone, Brenner is one of the routes that migrants use as they head towards wealthy northern Europe.

Two police officers were injured in the clashes, the head of a local Italian police union, Fulvio Coslovi, told Reuters. He said that about 10 demonstrators were being held by police. Local police in Tyrol, Austria said over 600 protesters showed up to the third violent demonstration at the Brenner Pass in just over a month, meeting at the Brenner station in Italy.

TV footage showed clouds of smoke filling the Brenner railway station as groups of protesters, their faces masked against the fumes, hurled stones and smoke bombs as they faced off against lines of police in riot gear. Estimates on the number of demonstrators varied between 250 and 600………..

Zoo celebrates Mother’s Day with video tribute to its new mums 

A lot of babies have been born over the past year at Symbio Wildlife Park, which means a lot of new mums. The Sydney zoo decided to pay tribute to them on Mother’s Day, with a video of mothers and their young

Ricky Plummer, of the coastal town of Old Orchard Beach, accused of setting grass and marsh fire battled by more than 100 firefighters

police car

Old Orchard Beach fire chief Ricky Plummer was arrested on an arson charge. Photograph: Andrew J Mohrer/Getty Images/Flickr RF

A fire chief accused of intentionally setting a grass and marsh blaze that was fought by more than 100 firefighters and led to evacuations was arrested on Saturday on an arson charge.

Old Orchard Beach fire chief Ricky Plummer was taken into custody at around 2am at his mother-in-law’s house in Scarsborough, state police said.

He was charged in connection with a 15 April fire that burned 42 acres at the Jones Creek Marsh in Old Orchard Beach, a coastal town of about 8,600 in southern Maine. Residents of a condominium were forced to evacuate.

About a dozen investigators from the state fire marshal’s office and the Maine forest service seized computers at the fire station and in Plummer’s official vehicle on Friday, state police said. They also took Plummer’s cellphone.

Plummer, 59, was taken to the Cumberland County jail. His bail was set a…………

US politics

Election 2016


FILE - In this Sunday, May 1, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts to a song during a campaign rally at the Indiana Theater in Terre Haute, Ind. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

‘The beauty and the horror of Trump is that he tells people what he thinks they want to hear, and his genius knowing precisely what that is.’ Photograph: Seth Perlman/AP

In the days leading up to the Indiana primary, Ted Cruz announced that America faced “a time for choosing”.

He didn’t say it just to pretentiously quote Ronald Reagan in his failed attempt to catapult Barry Goldwater to the presidency (though it did have that added benefit). Rather, Cruz did it to frame the debate: Americans could either back him, a principled if widely reviled conservative insider, or they could back Donald Trump and “plunge into the abyss”.

The Republican electorate chose Trump. And now that he is the presumed candidate for president, it is the party establishment that must make a choice: To Donald or not to Donald?

The trouble for them all is that to hate Donald Trump has become synonymous with hating their own electorate. It’s no longer a question of supporting Donald Trump: it’s a question of supporting the people they’re presumed to represent.

The beauty and the horror of Trump is that he tells people what he thinks they want to hear, and his genius is knowing precisely what that is. He’s done a better job of reading the GOP base than anyone in the party and, ever the salesman, he’s selling himself in the image of his electorate’s values.

Trump’s populist message on the economy, trade deals and national security (he was against the Iraq war and appears to be largely non-interventionist) coupled with a generous dose of racism, sexism and xenophobia is the most accurate portrait we have of what Republican voters actually think, feel and want to see represented. And many in the Republican leadership, perhaps sensing that this is a losing general election strategy, are by turns discouraged and embarrassed.

This was true at least as far back as 2008, when Republican leaders like John Boehner and John McCain envisioned a party that was relatively moderate, diverse and inclusive – an effort perhaps best embodied in a memo Boehner sent to his colleagues that election cycle with the subject line, “The future is Cao”.

But who, you might be asking yourself, is Cao? That is precisely the point.

The first Vietnamese American to ever serve in Congress, Louisiana’s Joseph Cao represented an inclusive conservatism. He sought to embody not just conservative ideals but also the interests of his mostly black constituents. When he was elected in 2008, he exemplified the conservative ideals of party leadership, but notably, not of the actual electorate. Two years years later, Cao was out of Congress, and a new class of Tea Party Republicans rose up…………..



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