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Opinion: War: A requisite or a choice?

War: A requisite or a choice?. 57840.jpeg

AP photo

By Harun Yahya

Wars have always been destructive and brought misery to the peoples both collectively or personally. Throughout history none of the parties involved in wars have ever obtained a favorable outcome even until the present and no one ever will in the future. Nevertheless, some leaders still adopt the desire to wage war against countries that they consider a threat, as though they are under a spell, despite that there is always an opportunity to resolve the issues through diplomacy. This case of fighting and war is not unique and only a matter in the present time we are living, the lust for war and bloodshed goes back to the times of Adam and how his son Cain rose against his brother Abel and slew him according to the Qur’an (5:27-30) and the Bible (Genesis 4:8).

Since the dawn of history wars have existed as part of human life as there have been more than 14,600 wars to date over the last 5,600 years. There have always been some preposterous reasons that have provoked wars varying from conquering new lands to expansion of empires to relentless competition between states, and of course some from the personal egos of some leaders and the martial desires of commanders and generals. Those who warred against other nations to gain more land had no idea then that wars would cause their own downfall. For example, the two world wars had grave repercussions on Europe and in one single century all the powerful states fell and all the empires that once ruled the world have disappeared. Moreover, in terms of world population and demographics the peoples of European descent have been dwindling in number for three generations…….



Senior Tories condemn ‘lame duck’ US president after he said an independent UK would be at back of trade deal queue

Obama’s friendly message to UK: it’s your decision (but stay in, you idiots)

Barack Obama attends a town hall meeting in London on the last day of his UK visit.

Barack Obama attends a town hall meeting in London on the last day of his UK visit. Photograph: Will Oliver/EPA

Senior Eurosceptic Conservatives have dismissed Barack Obama’s suggestion that the UK would be “at the back of the queue” in negotiations for a US trade agreement if it left the European Union.

Cabinet ministers accused the “lame duck” US president of making meaningless threats to blackmail the British people into voting to remain in Europe. Others pointed out that Europe and the US had never struck a free trade agreement anyway, and claimed Obama was being manipulated by Downing Street.

Chris Grayling, the leader of the House of Commons, said: “We should not give up our independence just because of what President Obama said.”

The intervention by Obama, who is popular in Britain, delighted the remain camp, but has left the leave campaign furious. “Barack Obama was doing an old friend a political favour,” said the justice minister Dominic Raab, referring to David Cameron.

“You can’t say on the one hand that the US-UK special relationship is as strong as ever and always will be, and in the next breath say ‘take my advice or you go to the back of the queue’. I don’t think the British people will be blackmailed by anyone, let alone a lame duck US president on his way out.”……………..

Blocked migration route has led to a buildup of people in town of Paso Canoas, where migrants are now sleeping rough in a makeshift detention camp

Costa Rica African migrants stranded protest

African migrants stranded at a border protest in Paso Canoas, Costa Rica, on Tuesday. Photograph: Reuters

About 600 US-bound Africans are stranded in Costa Rica after officials blocked a major migration route to America, leading local aid workers to warn of a humanitarian crisis if their number continues to rise.

African and Latin American migrants have long passed through Costa Rica on their way to the US, but their passage has been blocked by the authorities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the next country on the route north.

This has led to a buildup of people in the border town of Paso Canoas, where they are now sleeping rough in a makeshift detention camp.

NEWMontserrat Solano, Costa Rica’s human rights ombudsman told The Guardian that officials were unsure where the migrants were from. “They claim they are Africans and some of them definitely are, but it is unclear which country they come from. They don’t have papers and many are not very forthcoming about where they came from.”

Some of the migrants have said they are from “Congo”, but have not told officials if they mean the Democratic Republic of Congo or the smaller Republic of Congo……………

More than 250,000 people have fled Burundi since it descended into violence one year ago. At least a quarter of those now live in Nyarugusu, on the Tanzanian border. The world’s third largest refugee settlement, it hosts more than 140,000 people – three times the number it was built to house

All photographs by Phil Moore/Oxfam

Last October, in an effort to ease overcrowding, the UNHCR began relocating some refugees to other camps in north-western Tanzania, including Nduta: this camp is now home to 55,000 people.

Godrieve Ndengakurio, 30, prepares lunch in a rudimentary kitchen next to her tent in the Nduta camp

Daniel Sharkey, who is the first detention center worker to be convicted of institutional sexual assault, may be in prison for less time than his 19-year-old Honduran victim and her son have been detained in Pennsylvania

berks county immigration detention center

Outside Berks County Residential Center in Leesport, Pennsylvania, where a guard admitted last week to sexually assaulting a detainee. Photograph: Courtesy of Immigration & Customs Enforcement

A 40-year-old guard at a family detention center for immigrants and asylum seekers will go to prison after admitting he sexually assaulted a 19-year-old Honduran woman he oversaw at the Berks County Residential Center in Leesport, Pennsylvania.

Human rights groups have previously reported sexual abuse in immigrant facilities, but Daniel Sharkey is the first worker at a family detention center to be convicted of institutional sexual assault, a third degree felony assault charge for employees of jails, detention centers and other facilities serving children.

Sharkey, who is married, first claimed he and the detainee had a consensual relationship. But last week he pleaded guilty to institutional sexual assault and was sentenced to six to 23 months in prison. There is a chance he will serve less time than his victim and her three-year-old son spent in detention.

“Frankly he had sex with her against her will,” said the woman’s attorney, Matthew Archambeault. “Her desire was to see him put away for a long, long time because of the damage that he did to her.”……………..

Police attend scene of Ohio ‘execution-style’ shootings – video

Source: AP

Police attend the scene of a multiple homicide along a road in rural Ohio on Friday. Details on the number of deaths and the whereabouts of the suspect or suspects are not immediately clear. The attorney general’s office said a dozen Bureau of Criminal Investigation agents had been called to Pike County, an economically struggling area in the Appalachian region some 80 miles east of Cincinnati

US politics

Election 2016

Utah’s e-caucus mess Why online voting in the state Cruz swept was so flawed

Muslims in America Voters share views on the US presidential candidates


Despite his rhetoric, and his administration’s perceived shift toward Iran, Obama has not fundamentally changed the US status quo toward Saudi Arabia


‘Obama has sold more advanced weaponry to Saudi leaders than any of his predecessors’ Photograph: Carolyn Kaster/AP

When President Barack Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for a meeting of Gulf leaders, he was greeted at the airport by the governor of Riyadh, instead of the Saudi king. Unlike his previous visits, Obama’s arrival was not broadcast on Saudi state television with its usual pomp and circumstance. It was one sign of how livid Saudi leaders are at Obama and his administration – the decades-long Saudi-US alliance has rarely been more tense.

Saudi rulers believe that Obama has shifted US foreign policy to be more friendly toward Iran, especially after his administration expended considerable political capital to reach a nuclear deal with Tehran last summer. Obama also reduced direct US involvement in the Middle East, resisting calls to intervene military in Syria and to send more US troops to Iraq. And Saudi leaders were particularly upset after Obama suggested in an interview with The Atlantic magazine that they should figure out ways to “share the neighborhood” with Iran.

Despite Saudi anger and US public perception, Obama has not fundamentally altered the “special relationship” between the kingdom and the United States. As Obama has preached a kind of tough love – telling the Saudis that he won’t commit US military resources to reflexively support them against Iran – his administration has dramatically ramped up arms sales to the kingdom and other Gulf allies. Since 2010, the Obama administration authorized a record $60bn in US military sales to Saudi Arabia. Since then, the administration concluded deals for nearly $48bn in weapons sales – triple the $16bn in sales under the George W Bush administration.

Even as Obama ramps up arms sales – and US intelligence assistance that helps Saudi Arabia conduct its war in Yemen – American public anger against the kingdom is rising. Members of Congress are pushing through a bill that would allow the Saudi leadership to be held responsible in US courts for the 9/11 terrorist attacks (in which 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis) if victims’ families can prove that any Saudi officials played a role in the attacks. In response, Saudi officials are threatening to sell off up to $750bn in US assets if the law is adopted.

To the Saudi leadership, the legislation is one more sign of its perceived abandonment by the US during Obama’s tenure. And in response, the kingdom is becoming more militarily aggressive, even as it struggles financially due to the global collapse in oil prices…………




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