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For a change from the same old news stories from the same old news networks, here are links to English-edition online newspapers from other parts of the world. Nearly all of these are English-edition daily newspapers, with an emphasis on the Middle East and Asia. These sites have interesting editorials and essays, and many have links to other good news sources. We try to limit this list to those sites which are regularly updated, reliable, with a high percentage of “up” time.

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Websites ordered to purge all reports related to documents following publication of political elite’s offshore secrets

Xi Jinping

The Panama Papers revelations come at a time when Xi Jinping is facing growing resistance to his rule. Photograph: Ng Han Guan/AP

Chinese censors have stepped up their censorship of websites, ordering all content related to the Panama Papers to be scrubbed as new revelations emerged of how relatives of some of the country’s top leaders had used secretive offshore companies to store their wealth.

Documents from the leaked Mossack Fonseca database showed the relations of three of the seven members of the Communist party’s elite ruling council, the politburo standing committee, had companies that were clients of the offshore law firm. They included relatives of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

A Communist party censorship directive instructed news organisations to purge all reports, blogs, bulletin boards and comments relating to this week’s highly sensitive revelations.

“Please self-inspect and delete all content related to the ‘Panama Papers’ leak,” the order said according to China Digital Times, a website run by the University of California, Berkeley.

BBC and CNN broadcasts about the revelations have been blocked all week in mainland China…………..


Pontiff will arrive on Greek island later this month in attempt to draw attention to frontline of Europe’s migration crisis

Pope Francis visiting a refugee centre in Rome in March

Pope Francis visiting a refugee centre in Rome last month. He has repeatedly spoken out in support of refugees. Photograph: CPP/Rex/Shutterstock

Pope Francis will visit the Greek island of Lesbos on 16 April, the Vatican has said, in a trip aimed at supporting refugees and drawing attention to the frontline of Europe’s migration crisis.

Hundreds of thousands of people, many fleeing the war in Syria, have arrived on the Aegean island over the past year, but under a contested plan the European Union started returning newcomers to neighbouring Turkey this month.

The pope has repeatedly spoken out in support of refugees, urging Roman Catholic churches around Europe to take in families. His first trip after becoming pontiff in 2013 was to the Italian island of Lampedusa, which, like Lesbos, has received hundreds of thousands of migrants………..


Nazimuddin Samad, whose family live in London, was killed by at least four assailants in Dhaka after posting anti-Islamism messages on Facebook

Nazimuddin Samad, 28, was hacked to death by suspected Islamists in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. He had been on a hit list of 84 atheist bloggers.

Nazimuddin Samad, 28, was hacked to death by suspected Islamists in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. He had been on a hit list of 84 atheist bloggers. Photograph: Facebook

A Bangladeshi law student who criticised Islamism on his Facebook page has been murdered, police said on Thursday, the latest in a series of killings of secular activists and bloggers in the country.

Nazimuddin Samad, 28, had been on a hit list of 84 atheist bloggers that a group of radical Islamists drew up and sent to Bangladesh’s interior ministry.

“At least four assailants hacked Nazimuddin Samad’s head with a machete on Wednesday night. As he fell down, one of them shot him with a pistol from close range. He died on the spot,” deputy commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan police Syed Nurul Islam told AFP……………


Documents offer redacted versions of investigation reports and disciplinary actions for cases involving staff that substantiated allegations of misconduct

Notably, the documents show that all the employees who were fired for violating sexual harassment policies were staff members – and none were tenured professors.

Notably, the documents show that all the employees who were fired for violating sexual harassment policies were staff members – and none were tenured professors. Photograph: Alamy

Eleven employees at the University of California at Berkeley have been fired or resigned after facing accusations of sexual harassment, according to new records that provide disturbing details on numerous misconduct allegations and dramatically expand a scandal plaguing the prestigious institution.

The hundreds of pages of records – which include extensive documentation of harassment cases involving 19 employees and were released on the heels of multiple high-profile controversies – show that men in powerful positions avoided discipline after the school substantiated harassment complaints from students and employees.

The new documents, provided to the Guardian and other media outlets, offer redacted versions of the public university’s investigation reports and disciplinary actions for every case in the past seven years in which the office for the prevention of harassment and discrimination (OPHD) substantiated allegations of misconduct.

Notably, the documents show that all the employees who were fired for violating sexual harassment policies were staff members – and none were tenured professors.

Three faculty members included in the reports remain at the university, said UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof……………..


Carbondale trustee Katrina Byars says she and her children have been staying at friends’ homes for a month, as housing prices surge near Aspen

skier in aspen

Spillover from Aspen, Colorado, has driven up home prices in Carbondale. Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters

A homeless town leader in a community that has seen surging home prices thanks to spillover from nearby Aspen, Colorado, may have to give up her seat unless she can find a place she can afford.

Katrina Byars, a Carbondale trustee, says she lost the home she rented for $1,575 a month after it was put up for sale and has been unable to find a home for herself and her two teenage children in the town. In the meantime, she and her children have split up to sleep at the homes of various friends for the last month and have had to give up their dog.

“I feel like my situation is a very public example of a housing crisis that is happening to all of us,” Byars told the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

The single mother said she had struggled to find work after getting her undergraduate degree and was working on a master’s degree in environmental policy and law……….


Collapse of biggest ever pharmaceutical merger following tightened US tax regime suggests tax incentives were greater than business case

President Obama delivers a statement on tax inversion

Barack Obama delivers a statement in the White House on attempts to reduce corporate tax inversions. Within 48 hours, Pfizer’s merger with Allergan was called off. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

It was poised to be the biggest pharmaceuticals merger ever. Pfizer, the company responsible for Viagra, was to hook up with Botox maker Allergan in a deal worth $160bn (£114bn).

That was before Barack Obama got involved. Earlier this week, the US Treasury announced it was to tighten up its corporate tax laws to deter mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity motivated by the desire to pay less tax. Within 48 hours, the mega deal was history, and a good thing too.

Here’s what has been happening. By international standards, the US has a high rate of corporation tax. To avoid paying rates of up to 39%, American companies have come up with a scheme known as tax inversion.

They look for a likely partner based in a country with a lower corporate tax regime and suggest a merger. When the merger goes through, the company based in the US moves its HQ – but not the bulk of its operations – to the low-tax jurisdiction, where it books the bulk of its profits. At a stroke, the company’s tax bill is cut.

Obama has clearly had enough of this. He has instructed the US Treasury to crack down on “abusive” inverters and it is not hard to see why…………..


US politics

Election 2016

US elections 2016 Prospect of contested conventions looms as primary season drags on

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president – video

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says on Wednesday that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. Sanders says: ‘I don’t think you are qualified if you supported the Panama free trade agreement… which has allowed corporations and wealthy people all over the world to avoid paying their taxes’. Despite winning six of the last seven states, Sanders still faces a difficult task to overtake Clinton

The campaign minute Bernie Sanders takes a victory lap

My brother, Bernie Sanders, has got it right on healthcare

Congressman criticised by election commission over $1,300 gaming bill

Florida woman captured on video confronting governor over healthcare

Donald Trump receives jubilant welcome from New York supporters – video

Man who punched black protester at Trump rally appears in court – video

Ted Cruz heckled in the Bronx: ‘This is an immigrant community!’ – video

Donald Trump Will a boost from New Yorkers make his campaign great again?


Losses could soar to $24tn and wreck the global economy in worst case scenario, first economic modelling estimate suggests

The economic impact of climate change could cripple the world economy and wipe out trillions of dollars of value from financial stocks and assets, according to a London School of Economics study.

The economic impact of climate change could play havoc with the world economy, according to an LSE study. Photograph: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Climate change could cut the value of the world’s financial assets by $2.5tn (£1.7tn), according to the first estimate from economic modelling.

In the worst case scenarios, often used by regulators to check the financial health of companies and economies, the losses could soar to $24tn, or 17% of the world’s assets, and wreck the global economy.

The research also showed the financial sense in taking action to keep climate change under the 2C danger limit agreed by the world’s nations. In this scenario, the value of financial assets would fall by $315bn less, even when the costs of cutting emissions are included.

“Our work suggests to long-term investors that we would be better off in a low-carbon world,” said Prof Simon Dietz of the London School of Economics, the lead author of the study. “Pension funds should be getting on top of this issue, and many of them are.” He said, however, that awareness in the financial sector was low.

Mark Campanale of the thinktank Carbon Tracker Initiative said the actual financial losses from unchecked global warming could be higher than estimated by the financial model behind the new study. “It could be a lot worse. The loss of financial capital can be a lot higher and faster than the GDP losses [used to model the costs of climate change in the study]. Just look at value of coal giant Peabody Energy. It was worth billions just a few years ago and now it is worth nothing.”

The Bank of England and World Bank have warned of the risks to the global economy of climate change and the G20 has asked the international Financial Stability Board to investigate the issue. In January, the World Economic Forum said a catastrophe caused by climate change was the biggest potential threat to the global economy in 2016…………



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