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For a change from the same old news stories from the same old news networks, here are links to English-edition online newspapers from other parts of the world. Nearly all of these are English-edition daily newspapers, with an emphasis on the Middle East and Asia. These sites have interesting editorials and essays, and many have links to other good news sources. We try to limit this list to those sites which are regularly updated, reliable, with a high percentage of “up” time.

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Senator sees strong support in both western states ahead of results in Hawaii, where he is also expected to do well – but he remains the Democratic underdog

in Washington DC and in Vancouver, Washington


Bernie Sanders celebrates his wins in the Alaska and Washington caucuses in Wisconsin on Saturday. The victories narrow Hillary Clinton’s still significant lead in the race for delegates to win the Democratic nomination for president. Sanders defeated Clinton in Washington’s caucuses 75% to 25% and 79% to 21% in Alaska’s

Bernie Sanders won overwhelming victories in Washington state and Alaska on Saturday, narrowing Hillary Clinton’s still significant lead in the race for delegates to win the Democratic nomination for president.

Sanders defeated Clinton in Washington’s caucuses 75% to 25% and 79% to 21% in Alaska’s, with about 38% and 72% of the states’ precincts reporting.

“We knew from day one we were going to have a hard time politically in the deep south – that is a conservative part of the country,” Sanders told supporters in Madison, Wisconsin. “But we knew things were going to improve as we head west.

“We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton’s lead,” he said. “We have a path toward victory.”

The most delegates were at stake in Washington, where Sanders drew more than 15,000 people to a Friday rally at Seattle’s Safeco Field. Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, which also held caucuses on Saturday, all award delegates proportionally to precinct results.

Sanders’ victories follow a dominant series of performances in the states that have caucused so far. The senator has fared best in contests dominated by party activists, and won in each except for those of two early states, Iowa and Nevada, where he narrowly lost………

arrogrant clinton

  • Pentagon releases 1,336 pages of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s emails
  • Government agency says none of the emails contained classified information

Ash Carter

On 18 December, one day after the first news stories appeared, Ash Carter sent an email on his personal account stating the he would no longer use personal email for the remainder of his tenure at the Pentagon. Photograph: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

Defense Secretary Ash Carter used his personal email account for government business for nearly a year until December 2015, when news reports revealed the practice, newly released documents reveal.

The issue has been to the fore in Washington due to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server while secretary of state during Barack Obama’s first term.

Stoked by Republicans in Congress and on the campaign trail, the issue of the propriety or otherwise of such practices has dogged Clinton’s run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Late on Friday, in response to Freedom of Information Act requests by the Associated Press and other news organizations, the Pentagon released 1,336 pages of Carter’s emails.

None contained classified information, and most pertained to routine business such as scheduling and logistics.

In a 21 November email using his personal account, for example, Carter wrote: “My work email isn’t working on my iPhone. If you need me this weekend please email me here and cc my work address too.”………..


Thousands expected to attend ceremony centred on GPO building where rebellion began, but not unionist parties

The GPO building in Dublin, where the rebellion began.

The GPO building in Dublin, where the rebellion began. More than 450 people died in a week of fighting between republican rebels and British armed forces. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA

Thousands are expected to attend the official Irish government’s commemoration in Dublin of the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule on Sunday.

More than 3,500 members of Ireland’s defence forces as well as a flypast by the republic’s air force will parade by the exact spot where a century ago the rebellion began – Dublin’s General Post Office.

The Irish president, Michael Higgins, will take the salute in O’Connell Street amid heavy security, with streets leading on to Ireland’s most famous thoroughfare blocked off by barriers manned by the Garda Síochána.

All those with access to the inner ring close to the GPO will have to go through airport security style scanners before the march past.

The rising is one of the seminal events in modern Irish history and took place in the middle of the first world war. It was the first major armed revolt within the British empire by one of its colonies.

More than 450 people lost their lives in almost a week of fighting between republican rebels led by the poet and teacher Patrick Pearse and British armed forces in the city.

The rebellion was a military failure but the execution of Pearse alongside the other leaders of the rising, coupled later with the attempt to introduce military conscription into Ireland, turned the population in what is now the Irish Republic against the British……………


US politics

Election 2016

Live results: Track the votes in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington




With landslides in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, Bernie Sanders has all the justification he needs to keep on fighting for the Democratic nomination

‘He still can’t argue the math is on his side; it isn’t. But there’s a good case to be made that enthusiasm really is.’

‘He still can’t argue the math is on his side; it isn’t. But there’s a good case to be made that enthusiasm really is.’ Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Sanders needs to win big states by big margins to have a shot at the nomination and on Saturday, in Washington anyway, he did just that.

On what was arguably the best night he’s had since the New Hampshire primary, Sanders addressed an enthusiastic crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, hammering home all the major themes of his campaign from financial reform on down and emphasizing that finally, “We have path toward victory.”

His barnburner of a victory speech came at the end of an overwhelmingly positive night for Sanders. His wins in three Democratic caucus states – Hawaii, Washington state and Alaska – are on a par with Barack Obama’s victories over Clinton back in 2008.

Those are precisely the kinds of comparisons Sanders has been wanting to make. Now he finally has the opportunity.

When it comes to delegates, Washington constitutes the fifth largest state remaining on the primary calendar, and Sanders landslide victory there is a significant embarrassment to Clinton at a time when she’s been trying to act like she’s in a general election by aiming her fire at Donald Trump.

Sanders’ wins will also erode her substantial delegate lead, and set the stage for battles in states where he could further derail her frontrunner status……………



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