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America, Whole World Safer with Trump as U.S. C-I-C

The McGlynn: To the Trump U.S. idiots. You have an ally! Russia via Pravda (which is the mouth piece for Putin)!

I hope your English is better than that of Pravda, but I doubt it.

America, Whole World Safer with Trump as U.S. C-I-C. 57595.jpeg

In wake of the recent terrorist blood bath at Brussels International Airport, the entire world got a huge ‘wake up’ call. ISIS was quick to claim responsibility. Suffice to say that there were ample warnings as to the imminent dangers lying ahead for Europe; like the past, the constant streams of ISIS threats posted on social media were ignored, even downplayed.

No surprise: with the media focused on the Syrian crisis, especially the ‘desperate’ plight of the immigrant ‘refugees’, the dearth of ‘leadership’ in Europe (and America) is now self-evident. Altogether, the pansies-in-charge in Europe and elsewhere in the West could not bring themselves to bear and then state the obvious: Radical Islam poses the greatest threat to the civilized world’s security and peace; not Russia, like the current U.S. Administration keeps harping on.

Twisted narrative

Fortunately, that is not the twisted narrative that we hear from current U.S. presidential candidate and GOP front runner, Donald Trump; not at all. Unlike the establishment’s boughtand-paid for politicians, Trump stands alone in the gaping breach of the global communications breakdown. As the contrarian, he takes the hardliner position. ‘The Donald’ is not afraid. Time and again, he speaks his mind. Whenever Trump calls ‘a spade, a shovel’, which is often, Americans pay attention. They recognize common sense when they hear him.

For example, Trump’s exhortation to declare a ban and moratorium on Muslim immigration to the U.S. was welcomed by many concerned citizens in the American public. This stop-gap measure was needed; in re, the U.S.’ southern boundary with Mexico is so porous, that logic suggests, ISIS recruits and sleeper cells were already setting up shop in America’s hinterland. Enough of that crap. Those gaping access holes in National Security have to be plugged; full stop! What does Trump receive for his courageous stand?

Why he is labeled a racist by many in America’s upper one per cent power echelons.

Mainstream media and the PC posse are running amok with their attack ads. Not a day goes by that Trump is not besmirched by their smear campaign of lies. Even Trump’s fellow Republicans have joined the fray. The remaining lowenergy, cookie-cutter and ass-kissing Republican contenders have no compunction at all; not when it comes to Trump bashing. Cruzero and Kasich, on alternate days, play anything from the hate to Hitler comparison cards. As usual, those two losers always check the weather reports in the opinion polls before they feel that it is safe to repeat the hackneyed political memes: Trump divides. We are real conservatives. We play by the Constitution………….


The union voted in favor of walkout in a battle with district officials over funding and a new contract, but public school officials said the move would be illegal

The union in February rejected a four-year deal, saying the offer did not address school conditions, a lack of services for some students or the fiscal crisis facing the nation’s third-largest district.

The union in February rejected a four-year deal, saying the offer did not address school conditions, a lack of services for some students or the fiscal crisis facing the nation’s third-largest district. Photograph: Nam Y. Huh/AP

The Chicago Teachers Union voted Wednesday to walk off the job on 1 April and close down the schools for the day in a battle with district officials over funding and a new contract.

Union president Karen Lewis said 486 members of the union’s house of delegates voted in favor of the walkout, while 124 voted against the action.

“April 1 would be an unfair labor day of action,” Lewis said in announcing the proposed strike. “It’s a showdown.”

Chicago public school officials have said a walkout by the teachers would be illegal because it is not in line with the state-mandated process for a teachers strike.

Before the house of delegates vote, Mayor Rahm Emanuel urged the union to call off the one-day strike and remain in the classroom where they and the district’s roughly 400,000 students belong……………


Conservative justices warned on Wednesday of Obamacare ‘hijacking’ nonprofits’ choice to refuse birth control coverage in case dubbed Hobby Lobby 2

Sister Loraine McGuire with Little Sisters of the Poor speaks to the media after Zubik v Burwell was heard by the supreme court.

Sister Loraine McGuire with Little Sisters of the Poor speaks to the media after Zubik v Burwell was heard by the supreme court. Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters

The second case to thrust the supreme court into a showdown over religious beliefs, contraception and Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law unfolded on Wednesday, in a tense 90 minutes that saw clashes along familiar ideological lines.

The case, Zubik v Burwell, pitted the government against 29 faith-based not-for-profit organizations who say its rules for groups with religious objections to covering female employees’ contraception are morally compromising.

But the two sides have cast the trial as something greater: a high-stakes fight for women’s equality, or a profound battle over basic protections for religious freedom.

The justices still number eight after the death of Antonin Scalia. In his absence, the four conservatives who remain lobbed a series of skeptical questions at the government.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito both posed questions implying that relying on the not-for-profit organizations’ healthcare provider in any way to guarantee contraceptive coverage constitutes government “hijacking”.

The case marks the fourth time the high court has heard a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature legislative achievement………………


UNHCR and Médecins Sans Frontières say they will not be involved with EU-Turkey deal to send people back from Greece

A UNHCR refugee camp on Lesbos, Greece.

The UNHCR is suspending work at most of its camps on the Greek islands because it says they are now being used as detention centres. Photograph: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

A triple blow has been dealt to the EU-Turkey migration deal after five leading aid groups refused to work with Brussels on its implementation, a Turkish diplomat ruled out changing Turkish legislation to make the deal more palatable to rights campaigners, and a senior Greek official said nobody knew how the agreement was supposed to work.

The UN refugee agency said it was suspending most of its activities in refugee centres on the Greek islands because they were now being used as detention facilities for people due to be sent back to Turkey.

UNHCR was later joined by Médecins Sans Frontières, the International Rescue Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Save the Children. All five said they did not want to be involved in the blanket expulsion of refugees because it contravened international law.

The UNHCR spokeswoman, Melissa Fleming, said: “UNHCR is not a party to the EU-Turkey deal, nor will we be involved in returns or detention. We will continue to assist the Greek authorities to develop an adequate reception capacity.”

In a separate and stronger statement, Marie Elisabeth Ingres, MSF’s head of mission in Greece, said: “We will not allow our assistance to be instrumentalised for a mass expulsion operation and we refuse to be part of a system that has no regard for the humanitarian or protection needs of asylum seekers and migrants.”……………..




US politics

Election 2016


Polling station in London for US Democrats Abroad presidential primary

Queues outside the polling station in London for the US Democrats Abroad presidential primary. Photograph: Frank Augstein/AP

As an American living abroad, I rarely think of myself as belonging to any sort of expat bloc, even though, taken together, we would constitute the 12th most populous state: there are 8.7 million US citizens living outside the country. I did, however, vote in the Democratic primary as part of this constituency.

Democrats Abroad will send 13 delegates (as well as eight superdelegates) to the Democratic convention, which is more than Wyoming. The results came in a few days ago, and Bernie Sanders is the winner.

He is, in fact, the overwhelming winner: 69% of the vote, to Clinton’s 31%, with just under 35,000 votes cast internationally. In the UK, which had the most overseas voters of any country, he gained 62%. Of seven expat Democrats in Afghanistan, five voted for Sanders and two for Clinton. She came top only in the Dominican Republic, Singapore and Nigeria.

It’s hard to know what to make of this, so far-flung and generally unpolled is this particular subset of voters. Are Americans who go abroad more liberal, or do they become more liberal as a result? Two of my sons were old enough to vote in this primary – both did – and they’ve never lived in the US.

It’s even harder to know what to make of the 75 Americans living abroad who went to the trouble of registering as a Democrat in order to vote “Don’t Know”; five were in the UK. It was raining on the day I went. And cold. If you hadn’t made up your mind, why would you bother?

If it’s an interesting, and potentially revealing, win for Bernie, it’s not a terribly significant one. He picked up all of nine delegates. Hillary got four……………..



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