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For a change from the same old news stories from the same old news networks, here are links to English-edition online newspapers from other parts of the world. Nearly all of these are English-edition daily newspapers, with an emphasis on the Middle East and Asia. These sites have interesting editorials and essays, and many have links to other good news sources. We try to limit this list to those sites which are regularly updated, reliable, with a high percentage of “up” time.

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Irate Prime Minister David Cameron calls “dishonourable” former welfare minister a four-letter word in a phone call to discuss his resignation

 Agence France-Presse

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 20 March, 2016, 8:35pm


The first visit to Cuba in 88 years by a US president comes as South America undergoes radical political change

Love in Havana: the US president will be the first to visit the Cuban capital in 88 years, a historic gesture of warming relations.

Love in Havana: the US president will be the first to visit the Cuban capital in 88 years, a historic gesture of warming relations. Photograph: Ramon Espinosa/AP

In the heady days of Barack Obama’s campaign for the White House in 2008, the soon-to-be president made a speech at the Cuban American National Foundation that was to become a benchmark for his relations with a hemisphere.

“It’s time for a new alliance of the Americas,” the candidate declared. “It’s time to turn the page on the arrogance of Washington and the anti-Americanism across the region that stands in the way of progress.”

He went on to promise that he would engage Cuba, help to end the conflict in Colombia, boost democracy and development in Haiti, crack down on drug cartels in Mexico and strengthen trade and aid to Latin America as a whole.

After the stagnation of the Bush era, this sounded like a bold step forward, particularly given the regional mood at the time. Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez was in his Washington-bashing pomp. Leftwing administrations dominated the continent. China’s influence was on the rise.

Even after Obama entered the White House, many doubted he would fare any better than his predecessors in winning the hearts and minds of his regional neighbours. The nerdy northern president looked like a soft touch compared with the caudillo hard-men of the south………….

In the shadow of Barack Obama’s historic visit, locals near the Guantánamo military base want Cuban sovereignty respected yet also see chances for work

Sunset at Guantánamo. A visit to the base will not be on Barack Obama’s itinerary while in Cuba.

Sunset at Guantánamo. A visit to the base will not be on Barack Obama’s itinerary while in Cuba. Photograph: Simon Leigh for the Guardian

Far from the hullabaloo in Havana ahead of the visit of US president Barack Obama, a battered old Dodge spluttered to a halt on a steep hill overlooking Guantánamo Bay in the far south-east of Cuba.

While the 60-year-old engine cooled from its laburs, the car’s occupants wandered out to take in the distant view of US-occupied Cuban territory.

“That yellow line you see stretching across the slope is the wall that marks the border,” said a local guide. “There’s also a barrier under the water to stop boats and divers. Then over there is the base. It’s huge.”

Clusters of grey buildings sprawl out across a coastal plain. There’s a watchtower on the horizon. A ship at anchor. But in the haze of Caribbean mid-day heat, the true scale of the US navy base is hard to discern.

Once controlled by the British empire, Guantánamo is now one of the United States’ oldest and biggest overseas military facilities with two airfields, anchorage for 50 warships, about 1,400 buildings and more than 9,000 personnel…………….

Cruise liner notifies US patrol ships of struggling migrants on the eve of Barack Obama’s historic visit to Havana

A boat of Cubans near Key West, Florida, pictured in January 2015. More than 40,000 Cubans entered the US in the 2015 fiscal year, according to US customs and border protection.

A Cuban boat near Key West, Florida, pictured in January 2015. More than 40,000 Cubans entered the US in the 2015 fiscal year, according to US customs and border protection. Photograph: U.S. Coast Guard/AP

Nine Cuban migrants died at sea and 18 others were rescued by a cruise ship after their 30-foot boat was found about 130 miles from the Florida coast, the US coast guard said on Saturday.

The migrants were severely dehydrated when they were found Friday and said they had been at sea 22 days. The bodies of those who didn’t make it were placed overboard, said coast guard petty officer Mark Barney. The survivors were in bad condition.

“They could barely walk off the vessel itself,” Barney said. “They were weak and they were shaking.”

The rescue by the Royal Caribbean ship took place about 130 miles west of Marco Island in southwest Florida. The migrants were in a “rustic” boat that was about 30-feet long, Barney said…………..

Wrongly convicted man dedicated his life to reform within the justice system and recent death leaves unanswered questions of why

Darryl Hunt

Darryl Hunt, left, wipes his face as he addresses the family of Deborah Sykes after being freed in 2004. Photograph: Chuck Burton/AP

On the morning of 6 February 2004, the eyes of Winston Salem fell upon Darryl Hunt, who had calmly waited for this day, uncertain if it would ever arrive. By noon that Friday, judge Anderson Cromer would exonerate the 38-year-old inmate for his role in the 1984 murder of Deborah Sykes; but first, he listened to her mother, Evelyn Jefferson, who berated him for a ruling that would “set free a guilty man”.

Before Hunt left the courthouse, he turned toward Jefferson, his voice warbling with emotion, and told her: “I feel the pain you felt.”

Starting that day, Hunt devoted his life to reforming a criminal justice system that had stripped him of nearly two decades of his life, becoming a globally known advocate for the wrongfully convicted with a similar kind of grace he showed Jefferson.

Last weekend, the 51-year-old advocate was found dead in a friend’s locked pick-up truck with a gun in what police have deemed a suicide.

“Physical evidence found inside the vehicle, as well as other investigative findings thus far, is indicative of Darryl Hunt having suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Winston Salem police said in a statement.

The police force that found him was the same one that arrested him 32 years ago for the rape and murder of Sykes, a 25-year-old copy editor for the Winston-Salem Sentinel. When attorney Mark Rabil first met Hunt, he was struck by the teenager’s peaceful demeanor and unfettered willingness to prove his innocence no matter the costs………..

US politics

Election 2016

Hamilton v Trump: visions for America from a Broadway show – and a showman

Arizona Trump protesters block roads as New York City rally condemns candidate

Trump campaign denies manager grabbed protester at Arizona rally

Donald Trump forces us to confront a dilemma on fairness and balance

Eric Trump, son of Donald, receives ‘granular substance’ in threatening letter – video


The Flint water crisis hearings were an exercise in blame, but there was little solace for those poisoned by lead


Flint resident Desiree Duell rests her head on the shoulder of her son David Henderson during the Flint hearing. Photograph: Jake May/AP

If there is to be justice for the people of Flint, it will not be found inside the halls of Congress. It will come from where it always does: the street. In Thursday’s hearings on the poisonings, residents sat in the audience of the hearing room looking to their coiffed representatives for answers, for redress of grievous harm. Amid all the decorum they did not see that they have more courage – and integrity – than those whose help they sought.

A seasoned ear may have heard the nuance, the faint drift among the many accusations leveled during the recent hearings. For the EPA, it was the state. For Michigan, it was the stark budget. For the former mayor, it was the emergency manager. For the Republicans it was President Obama’s EPA. For the Democrats, it was the Republican governor, his omnipotent managers. For all of them it was the cameras. It was the Colosseum. And for the residents of Flint, it was the Ides of March – the community got it in the back.

While waiting outside Tuesday’s hearing I asked an eight-year-old Flint boy why he was here: “I have lead poisoning. I could die.” These decent, unassuming mothers, fathers, grandparents and children had come to Congress seeking justice.

The cheers of hundreds of Flint residents who had travelled to Washington DC drowned out the chairman of the House oversight and government reform committee after he told Gina McCarthy she should resign. The people rose to …………





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