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For a change from the same old news stories from the same old news networks, here are links to English-edition online newspapers from other parts of the world. Nearly all of these are English-edition daily newspapers, with an emphasis on the Middle East and Asia. These sites have interesting editorials and essays, and many have links to other good news sources. We try to limit this list to those sites which are regularly updated, reliable, with a high percentage of “up” time.

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  • Democratic candidate launches sweeping indictment of economic system
  • Sanders praises Catholic church’s ‘depth and insight’ on market economy

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called Pope Francis a ‘visionary’ and praised his efforts to create a ‘moral economy’ during his visit to the Vatican on Friday. Earlier, Sanders addressed a Vatican conference on social justice and decried the gap between the world’s haves and have-nots

Bernie Sanders launched one of the most powerful indictments of modern capitalism of his campaign in the Vatican on Friday, saying that the greatest challenge facing the world was a moral imperative to redirect “our efforts and vision to the common good”.

The sweeping remarks were delivered in the shadow of St Peter’s dome, about an hour after the Democratic presidential candidate touched down in Rome for a short stay in the Eternal City to take part in a Vatican-sponsored academic conference.

Sanders praised the Roman Catholic church for its consistent social teachings on economic matters, saying: “There are few places in modern thought that rival the depth and insight of the church’s moral teachings on the market economy.”

But his most effusive praise was reserved for Pope Francis, whom he heralded for raising the “most profound issues” of the day – from the problems of the dispossessed, to the loneliness of the elderly who cannot afford their medication, to the challenge of climate change – with a “vision and articulateness”, while others chose to ignore the issues.

The pope, he said, had tapped into an “instinctual” belief held by many that there was something “profoundly wrong” with society today………….


Pontiff visits Greek island to highlight refugee crisis, telling crowds: ‘We hope the world will heed these scenes of tragic need’

Pope Francis arrives in the Greek island of Lesbos on Saturday to highlight the humanitarian crisis unfolding across Europe. The Pope is greeted by hundreds of cheering migrants and refugees in a detention centre on the island. Greece’s state refugee coordination agency later said the pontiff would take a number of highly vulnerable refugees back to the Vatican

Pope Francis is to offer a home in the Vatican to a small group of highly vulnerable refugees facing deportation from the Greek island of Lesbos, in a dramatic rebuke to the EU’s policy of sending migrants and refugees back to Turkey.

The leader of the Roman Catholic church was to make the intervention on Saturday during a trip the island to highlight the refugee crisis unfolding across the continent.

The Roman Catholic leader was scheduled to spend five hours on the island with Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, and Ieronymos II, archbishop of Athens and Greece, meeting refugees and holding a service to bless those who have died trying to reach Europe.

Fuelling belief that the Catholic church is at odds with the EU’s stance on the crisis, Greece’s state refugee coordination agency said the pontiff would take a number of refugees back to the Vatican. An official, who spoke to AFP, did not specify whether this would take place immediately after the pope’s visit or at a later stage…………..


Claude Steele, who faced intense pressure for his administration’s handling of sexual harassment on campus, announced his resignation Friday citing his wife’s health

On Monday, two graduate students filed formal state complaints alleging that the university failed to protect them from harassment by a professor found guilty of misconduct.

On Monday, two graduate students filed formal state complaints alleging that the university failed to protect them from harassment by a professor found guilty of misconduct. Photograph: Alamy

Claude Steele, executive vice chancellor and provost at the University of California Berkeley, announced his resignation on Friday in the wake of widespread criticisms of his administration’s handling of sexual harassment on campus.

Steele did not mention the harassment scandal in his statement and cited personal family reasons. “[M]y wife’s ongoing health challenges remain quite significant, and this is simply not a time in our lives where I can afford to further sacrifice our time together,” he said in a statement, shared by the university’s chancellor, Nicholas Dirks.

“The choice has thus become clear: I can no longer offer UC Berkeley the time and level of commitment it needs from its EVCP, while at the same time being a part of my family in the way I want to be.”

However, Steele and Dirks have faced intense pressure over reports that numerous men in powerful positions at the university were able to keep their jobs after internal investigations found them guilty of sexual harassment…………….


Nearly 20 years ago, Monica Lewinsky found herself at the heart of a political storm. Now she’s turned that dark time into a force for good

Monica Lewinsky

Photograph: Steve Schofield for the Guardian

One night in London in 2005, a woman said a surprisingly eerie thing to Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky had moved from New York a few days earlier to take a master’s in social psychology at the London School of Economics. On her first weekend, she went drinking with a woman she thought might become a friend. “But she suddenly said she knew really high-powered people,” Lewinsky says, “and I shouldn’t have come to London because I wasn’t wanted there.”

Lewinsky is telling me this story at a table in a quiet corner of a West Hollywood hotel. We had to pay extra for the table to be curtained off. It was my idea. If we hadn’t done it, passersby would probably have stared. Lewinsky would have noticed the stares and would have clammed up a little. “I’m hyper-aware of how other people may be perceiving me,” she says.

She’s tired and dressed in black. She just flew in from India and hasn’t had breakfast yet. We’ll talk for two hours, after which there’s only time for a quick teacake before she hurries to the airport to give a talk in Phoenix, Arizona, and spend the weekend with her father.

“Why did that woman in London say that to you?” I ask her.

“Oh, she’d had too much to drink,” Lewinsky replies. “It’s such a shame, because 99.9% of my experiences in England were positive, and she was an anomaly. I loved being in London, then and now. I was welcomed and accepted at LSE, by my professors and classmates. But when something hits a core trauma – I actually got really retriggered. After that I couldn’t go more than three days without thinking about the FBI sting that happened in ’98.”.

Seven years earlier, on 16 January 1998, Lewinsky’s friend – an older work colleague called Linda Tripp – invited her for lunch at a mall in Washington DC. Lewinsky was 25. They’d been working together at the Pentagon for nearly two years, during which time Lewinsky had confided in her that she’d had an affair with President Bill Clinton. Unbeknown to Lewinsky, Tripp had been secretly recording their telephone conversations – more than 20 hours of them. The lunch was a trap. When Tripp arrived, she motioned behind her and two federal agents suddenly appeared. “You’re in trouble,” they told Lewinsky.

She was bustled upstairs to a hotel room filled with prosecutors and federal agents. She started to cry. They told her they were investigating claims that President Clinton had sexually harassed a former Arkansas state employee, Paula Jones, and that if Lewinsky didn’t cooperate with them she’d be charged with perjury and jailed for 27 years.

Monica Lewinsky with Bill Clinton

Lewinsky with Bill Clinton at the White House in 1995; this image was later used as evidence in the Starr report. Photograph: Rex/Shutterstock

“How long were you retriggered for after that night in London?” I ask her…………


Federal Reserve and FDIC reject ‘living wills’ of Wells Fargo, Bank of America and three others that don’t meet requirements to avoid another bailout

The Bank of America building is shown in Los Angeles, California, in this file photo taken October 29, 2014. Five out of eight of the biggest U.S. banks do not have credible plans for winding down operations during a crisis without the help of public money, federal regulators said on Wednesday. REUTERS/Mike Blake/Files

Five out of eight of the biggest US banks do not have credible plans for winding down operations during a crisis without the help of public money, federal regulators said on Wednesday. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

Some of the US’s biggest banks still lack a proper plan for bankruptcy, in the event of another major financial crisis, US regulators said on Wednesday.

In the wake of the great recession banks were required to come up with “living wills” to prove they had a credible plan for bankruptcy that would not require another bailout from the taxpayers.

But after reviewing the plans of five institutions – JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon and State Street Corp – the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) have determined that the banks have yet to meet that requirement.

“The goal to end too big to fail and protect the American taxpayers by ending bailouts remains just that: only a goal,” said Thomas Hoenig, FDIC vice-chairman.

The banks are to submit revised proposals by 1 October.

According to feedback from the regulators, one of the main concerns with JP Morgan’s proposal was the bank’s liquidity in a time of need. Regulators were concerned the bank would not be able to shift money around to fund some of its operation during a time of stress or bankruptcy.

“Obviously we were disappointed,” said Marianne Lake, JP Morgan’s chief financial officer. “The most important thing is that we work with our regulators to understand their feedback in more detail.”……………..


Sierra Leone resumes long battle to save mothers and children – in pictures

Fear of infection during the Ebola outbreak deterred many women from attending free clinics introduced in 2010 to tackle high maternal mortality rates in the country. They are now slowly returning

Photographs: Kate Holt/Unicef/European Union

At her home in Juru, near Kenema, Mariama Lansanna holds her baby, Hawa, who is showing signs of malnutrition. Mariama has given birth to five children, two of whom died.

‘My third baby died because when his temperature became hot we had no money and were not able to buy medicine,’ she says. ‘The free healthcare programme had not started. Instead the baby remained in our hands and God took the baby’s life’


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Election 2016

Sanders calls Pope Francis a ‘visionary’ during Vatican trip – video



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