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Video shows Tulsa police killing man as officer uses gun not Taser ‘by mistake’

  • Eric Harris: ‘I’m losing my breath.’ Second officer: ‘Fuck your breath’

  • Reserve officer Bob Bates has said he thought was using his Taser

Video has been released of the moment a reserve police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shot and killed a man by mistake.

The reserve officer, Bob Bates, a 73-year-old insurance executive, told police he had thought he was firing his Taser stun gun at Eric Courtney Harris, 44, a convicted felon who a police report on the incident said was being arrested after having sold a gun to an undercover officer.

The video, which came from a police officer’s body camera, was released by police on Friday. It shows Harris running down a suburban street, away from his pursuers. The officer catches up with him and Harris is brought to the ground. A shot is heard and Harris gasps in pain.

A voice, presumably that of Bates, says: “I shot him. I’m sorry.”

A gun is dropped on the road and then picked up.

Harris cries out, repeatedly, “He shot me!” and says: “Oh my God, I’m losing my breath.”

As officers continue to subdue Harris, one officer is heard to say: “Fuck your breath.”……………………


cleveland shooting

Police at the scene of Sunday’s shooting in Cleveland, Ohio of a baby by a three-year-old boy. Photograph: Patrick Cooley/AP

Toddler shoots and kills one-year-old boy in Cleveland, Ohio

Police say the boy picked up an unattended gun inside the home on the city’s east side and accidentally shot the baby in the head

A toddler has shot and killed a one-year-old boy after picking up an unattended gun at a home in Cleveland, Ohio, police said on Sunday night.

Detectives were trying to determine how the three-year-old boy came to find the gun, the city’s police chief Calvin Williams told reporters outside the home. reported that the baby was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

Full details about the shooting on the city’s east side were not released, but Williams said at least one adult was in the home when it happened.

“It’s a sad day for Cleveland,” he said. “This fascination that we have with handguns, not just in this city but in this country, has to stop. This is a senseless loss of life.”……………


feminists Feminists from around the world Photograph: fdhsauifhadu

Meet the global feminists changing the world for girls from Kenya to Egypt

Feminists from around the world report on life for girls in their countries

Sri Lanka

Sarah Soysa: ‘Young feminists are considered to be an evil, scary threat’

Feminism is needed for teenage girls in Sri Lanka. Women, young people and transgender people are harassed and disempowered. Opportunities are taken away from them………………


Mihaela Dragan: ‘Some Roma girls have to marry as young as 14’

Roma women and girls have to deal with the double discrimination of racism and sexism. ……….


Catherine Tito: ‘Patriarchal culture is deeply-rooted’

As a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM), my personal experience has shaped my commitment to fight for the rights of girls. I have been labelled as an outcast because I have decided to reject patriarchal culture, but I have no regrets…………………


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  • For some survivors, associating as a 'holocaust survivor' is problematic.

  • For some survivors, associating as a ‘Holocaust survivor’ is problematic. Photograph: Palinchak Mikhail/Palinchak Mikhail/ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis

  • My grandparents rejected the Holocaust survivor label. They weren’t alone

  • For many, living through Nazism does not make them ‘survivors’. But not everyone accepts or understand this aversion to the term

    94-year-old Miriam Arndt resists being called a Holocaust survivor. “Survivors are the people who were hidden by Christians and who somehow made it or who escaped from the concentration camps”. Her usual response when people refer to her as one? “I correct them. I say that I am not a survivor, that I just happened to be in Berlin [until 1937], I had a very good time, and I was very well protected”.

    Miriam is not the only one uncomfortable with the term. I had never thought of my grandparents, Jews from Kiev, Ukraine, as Holocaust survivors either – and neither did they. But my colleagues at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – where I spent the summer of 2000 as a lowly research assistant – questioned such reserve. “This kind of modesty-slash-denial is quite common in your part of the world”, a helpful co-worker explained.

    “For decades, you were told that the Nazis had murdered ‘Soviet citizens’”, he continued, alluding to the language of the Extraordinary State Commission reports. Set up by the Soviet government in 1942, the commission tallied Nazi atrocities yet downplayed the destruction’s disproportionate impact on Jews.

    Since Adolf Eichmann’s televised trial in 1961, Anne Rothe elaborates in her book, Popular Trauma Culture: Selling the Pain of Others in the Mass Media, media coverage helped to swap the image of a hapless victim for that of a can-do survivor, newly vested with positive qualities instead of the earlier bad rap of being the person to walk, literally, over dead bodies…………………


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