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Ukraine crisis: John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov to meet in London for talks

US secretary of state meets Russian foreign minister at ambassador’s residence as he tries to halt Crimea referendum

A makeshit memorial at Kiev's Independence Square

A makeshift memorial at Independence Square in Kiev. 102 protesters have died near the square. Photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

Kiev’s protesters: Ukraine uprising was no neo-Nazi power-grab

As life returns to normal in Kiev, Luke Harding encounters frustration over Russian claims of a fascist coup

On 20 February, as revolution engulfed the centre of Kiev, Joseph Schilling, a 61-year-old builder from western Ukraine, went to the frontline to join the protests against President Viktor Yanukovych‘s government. He was standing beneath the neoclassical October Palace – once a girls’ seminary and later the HQ for Lenin’s secret police – when a sniper shot him in the head.

Protesters attack a Turkish police van following the funeral of a teenager

Turkey protests: two more deaths feed growing discontent

Police officer has heart attack and young man allegedly shot in head during clashes following funeral of teenage boy


Russia deploys 10,000 troops near Ukraine border

13 Mar 2014: Ukraine prime minister accuses Russia of carrying out a ‘military aggression’ as Crimea crisis deepens

Rebels at Es Sider port in Ras Lanuf in Libya

Ousting of Libyan PM Ali Zeidan brings threat of civil war

.Rebels in the east of the country want a larger share of the income generated from Africa’s largest oil reserves

Herons and egrets in the UK – your Green shoots photographs

Series: Green shoots nature photography

Every year grey herons gather in large numbers to breed and raise young, building huge untidy nests out of large twigs, perilously perched high up in clumps of tall trees. London’s Battersea park has a heronry of 30 nests, but from Ulster to Northamptonshire and Devon to Cheshire, now is the best time to see these nests in the wild. Here is a list of best places to see heronries


Dianne Feinstein

If Feinstein and the CIA kiss and make up, will America up and forget torture?

Amy GoodmanAmy Goodman

Like all DC infighting, this will blow over, But we’ve already lost sight of the lives that have been ruined by interrogation

• ANALYSIS: CIA-Senate intel committee turns into crisis

Let’s hope Feinstein’s indignation is not quickly salved, and that her committee’s oversight is invigorated – with teeth. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski / AFP /Getty Images

“What keeps me up at night, candidly, is another attack against the United States,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein said last month in what was, then, her routine defense of the mass global surveillance being conducted by the National Security Agency and other US intelligence agencies.

All that has changed now that she believes that the staff of the committee she chairs – the powerful, secretive Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – was spied on and lied to by the CIA………………………..

Nuclear waste leaks in Washington State

nuc wastw

Radioactive waste is found in a new spot at Hanford nuclear reservation

Link to Video Embed Video

Radioactive nuclear waste is leaking through a double-walled toxic tank at Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington State. This 580-square mile site is arguably the largest, most polluted area on the continent with 53 million gallons of high-level radioactive waste, and plumes of contaminated groundwater. Allen Schauffler reports.


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