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Tim Berners-Lee, Navi Pillay

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Navi Pillay, during a press conference in Geneva earlier this month. Photograph: Martial Trezzini/AP

Internet privacy as important as human rights, says UN’s Navi Pillay

Navi Pillay compares uproar over mass surveillance to response that helped defeat apartheid during Today programme

The UN human rights chief, Navi Pillay, has compared the uproar in the international community caused by revelations of mass surveillance with the collective response that helped bring down the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Pillay, the first non-white woman to serve as a high-court judge in South Africa, made the comments in an interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee on a special edition of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, which the inventor of the world wide web was guest editing.

Anthony Perrett

Greenpeace International activist Anthony Perrett shows his passport with a Russian transit . Photograph: Olga Maltseva/AFP/Getty Images

Arctic 30: Russia issues visas to seven Greenpeace crew members

Greenpeace says the other foreign members of Arctic Sunrise crew are expected to get their exit visas soon

Russian authorities have issued visas to seven members of a Greenpeace ship’s crew that will allow them to leave the country after dropping criminal charges against them over a protest outside an Arctic oil rig. Greenpeace said on Thursday that other foreign members of the crew were expected to get their exit visas soon.The 30 people were arrested in September after a protest outside a Russian oil rig and spent two months in jail before they were granted bail in November.

Edward Snowden warns about loss of privacy in Christmas message

Edward  Snowden, the man who revealed extensive details of electronic surveillance by American, Australian and British spy agencies, warns of the dangers posed by mass surveillance in an alternative Christmas message broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK. The two-minute video is believed to have been recorded in Moscow, where Snowden has been granted temporary asylum.



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