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The newly-revealed documents shed light on surveillance software used to monitor private individuals.Getty Images

Exclusive: How DC police use citizens as spies

by December 17, 2013 5:15AM ET

Al Jazeera investigates shadowy surveillance technology revealed in correspondence between law enforcement and TrapWire

Of the dozens of private intelligence corporations that have emerged in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, one firm has been singled out for particular scrutiny: TrapWire.The Virginia-based spy outfit founded by several former CIA employees a decade ago developed “pre-attack surveillance” software it says can root out terrorist attacks while they are in the planning stage…………………….


National Security




The NSA’s offices in Maryland. The agency’s collection of data is an ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘arbitrary invasion’ of privacy, a U.S. District Court judge said on Monday. Reuters

NSA’s bulk collection of data likely unconstitutional, says judge

December 16, 2013 3:26PM ET
In an opinion Monday, Judge Richard Leon said the US government seriously infringed privacy through spy program

A federal judge said Monday that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone records violates the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches but put his decision on hold, pending a near certain government appeal.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon granted a preliminary injunction sought by plaintiffs Larry Klayman and Charles Strange, concluding that they were expected to prevail in their constitutional challenge………………………….



NSA Leaks


The Guardian


National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander

Obama’s NSA review group is typical administration whitewash

Marcy Wheeler: The White House moved quickly to thwart the only substantive changes the review was making
In case you missed it, on Thursday night, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times published leaked details from the recommendations from the review group on intelligence and communications technologies, a panel President Obama set up in August to review the NSA‘s activities in response to the Edward Snowden leaks………………………..

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