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A Whisper user posted this message from the vicinity of the White House. The red icons signify someone who has posted a Whisper. Potentially identifying information has been redacted by the Guardian. Photograph: Guardian

How Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users

‘Confessional’ app follows some users even after they have asked not to be tracked


Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Serbia

Putin ordered more than 17,000 Russian troops to pull back from positions near the border at the weekend. Photograph: Alexey Nikolsky/Ria Novosti/EPA

Putin under pressure to commit to fragile peace plan for eastern Ukraine

Russian president meets Poroshenko and EU leaders as violence continues to spread across region despite ceasefire


Ir bombs

Footage from the attacks shows the extent of the damage

Isis targets Baghdad with wave of car bombs and mortar attacks killing 150

Islamic State car bombs hit Shia districts of Iraqi capital, with one attack killing 36 and wounding 98 within two hours


Hunter Biden with father Joe in Washington after  President Barack Obama's inauguration in 2009.

Hunter and Joe Biden together in Washington for President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Photograph: Carlos Barria/Reuters

Joe Biden’s son Hunter thrown out of navy over cocaine

Vice-president’s son issues statement of regret after failed drug test leads to discharge from US navy reserve



       Israel 7min ago

Teenage boy shot dead by Israeli troops in West Bank

Bahaa Badr killed on Thursday evening during clashes between protesters and Israeli forces west of Ramallah

Ebola 31min ago

Ebola patient speaks from quarantined bed in Texas hospital – video

Nina Pham, the first Texas nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola, is seen in her hospital bed via video link

Rendition 59min ago

Libya rendition victims demand disclosure of UK surveillance policy

The government’s refusal to reveal when lawyers’ and journalists’ communications can be intercepted is central to claim brought on behalf of Abdel Hakim Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi

Australian politics 1hr 22min ago

WikiLeaks’ free trade documents reveal ‘drastic’ Australian concessions

Secret negotiations over the Trans Pacific Partnership have been apparently revealed, and experts are concerned about what they show

Australian police and policing 2hr 13min ago

‘Blind reporting’ of abuse allegations in Catholic church defended by officer

Elizabeth Cullen, a police officer for 28 years, breaks down in tears as she defends the practice to Police Integrity Commission

Hong Kong 2hr 16min ago

Hong Kong police dismantle protest sites in dawn raids

Hundreds of officers swoop on Mong Kok district to clear away demonstrators’ metal barricades and bamboo poles

Ebola 2hr 59min ago

Ebola: Obama not ruling out travel bans as experts watch for more cases

President considers further interventions and appointing crisis leader, while concern grows over infected woman’s air travel

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uncle sam without a face

Operation Inherent Resolve: a war by any other name would smell as foul

Jeb Lund: What’s in a US military operation? Chemical weapons, excuses and perpetual motion, amorophous to the point of absurdity

What if they gave a war and nobody tweeted?

The United States faced this problem up until Wednesday, when it finally named its current bombing war against Isis, Isil or the Islamic State – which already had at least three names, which was three more than we had. The war is now called Operation Inherent Resolve, which, hey, look at that: two nouns and an adjective. The Pentagon’s 22nd Nomenclative Division wasn’t horsin’ around with that one.

Naming a war is important, because if you don’t, it’s difficult to build your #brand and #virality. Isis was, frankly, kicking our butts on the strength of Archer references and Egyptian god stuff. They even declared a caliphate, and everyone panicked and talked about that. What a rollout. You go to war with the global theocracy you want, not the sociopathic teen knockout game club you have, and let America’s imagination do the hard work for you. Meanwhile, average citizens were stuck trying to come up with a name for what we were doing on their own. That doesn’t get #sticky or #leverage operational #identity. Technically, people could have called it, “What The Heck Are We Even Doing?” or “More Of This Again?” or “Dude, Where’s My Humvee?” The last one was even real……………………..

Al Jazerra

Vatican rolls back welcome to gays in changed statement text

Vatican rolls back welcome to gays in changed statement text

English-language version of statement on homosexuality tones down Italian original

,………………..John Smeaton, a co-founder of the conservative group Voice of the Family, had earlier called the document “one of the worst official documents drafted in Church history.”

“Those who are controlling the synod have betrayed Catholic parents worldwide,” he said……………

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