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A HazMat worker disinfects the entrance to the residence of a health worker at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who has contracted Ebola in Dallas, Texas.

Second Texas healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola

Worker at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital, who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, immediately isolated after reporting a fever



Hong Kong police beat protester in violent crackdown on demonstrations

Plainclothes officers removed from duties after video emerges of handcuffed protester being attacked

Video footage showing a group of Hong Kong police officers beating a pro-democracy protester has galvanised the city, ratcheting up tensions in demonstrations that have paralysed large swaths of the city for more than two weeks.


MDG law and order in Sierra Leone

Residents place roadblocks on the street to demand faster removal of dead bodies infected with the Ebola virus in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Photograph: Reuters

Ebola in Sierra Leone: ‘we feel like a pariah nation’

15 Oct 2014: Sluggish courtrooms, swamped clinics and parents forgoing food are becoming the norm as Ebola opens cracks in Sierra Leonean society, writes Sam Jones



US income inequality 3hr 10min ago

Ferguson protests reveal undercurrent of dissatisfaction with economic inequality

In the new wave of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, protesters are focusing on the root issues of discrimination, including a lack of jobs and constant police fines



Pro-democracy protesters Hong Kong

Pro-democracy protesters look towards the advancing police prior to a confrontation outside the central government offices in the Admiralty district of Hong Kong. Photograph: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Hong Kong protesters remind us why democracy is worth fighting for

Owen Jones

15 Oct 2014: Owen Jones: These protests are a reminder of a simple truth. Democracy is a universal right, not a privilege reserved for westerners

Democracy is the living, breathing product of struggle: of people organising together and using their collective strength to drive back the power of those above, often at great personal cost and sacrifice. This is the drama now being played out on the streets of Hong Kong.

As is always the case with such struggles for popular sovereignty, they are being taunted and demonised by the powerful. “They are doomed to fail,” screeches the official organ of the regime. “Facts and history tell us that radical and illegal acts that got their way only result in more severe illegal activities, exacerbating disorder and turmoil,” claims Beijing’s tyrants. Curious, given they owe their own place in power to a revolution predicated on “radical and illegal acts”. Their rather Orwellian proclamation that “stability is bliss and turmoil brings havoc” is another favoured trope of embattled rulers: that if the people dare to challenge unaccountable power and an unjust order, then chaos and mayhem will ensue………………

Al Jazerra

Soon to be Ebola-free, Nigeria and Senegal show merits of early response

Soon to be Ebola-free, Nigeria and Senegal show merits of early response

Both countries credited with aggressive investigation and vigilant surveillance, as virus spreads elsewhere

Public health
World Health Organization
With weeks to go, miles apart in Iranian negotiations

With weeks to go, miles apart in Iranian negotiations

Analysis: As John Kerry meets with the Iranian FM on Wednesday, analysts see potential roadblocks preventing final deal

US-Iran Diplomacy
John Kerry
European Union
United Nations
Walmart’s cuts to worker compensation are self-defeating

Walmart’s cuts to worker compensation are self-defeating

A dime an hour pay cut damages the economy – and the company’s bottom line

Walmart is cutting worker compensation — again. The stealthy way the giant retailer is cutting pay for most of its 1.4 million American workers not only throws sand in the gears of the nation’s economic engine but also misleads investors by disguising the company’s weakening finances.

In the months ahead, other big companies will likely follow the same inefficient paths as Walmart, the nation’s largest employer, making its compensation policies at all levels especially worthy of scrutiny.

Walmart’s decision to force harder times on its already poorly paid workers is intimately connected to two major trends in the U.S. economy, neither of which is good for America or Walmart investors……………….

Income inequality


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