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Madrid hospital

Ebola crisis: substandard equipment blamed as nurse tests positive in Spain

Staff at Madrid’s Carlos III hospital say their protective suits do not meet WHO standards as Spanish nurse contracts virus


Militants with the Islamic State group are seen after placing their group’s flag on a hilltop at the eastern side of the town of Kobani, Syria.

Militants with the Islamic State group are seen after placing their group’s flag on a hilltop at the eastern side of the town of Kobani, Syria. Photograph: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

Isis fighters push into Kobani on Syria’s border with Turkey

Battles reported between Islamic State and Kurdish defenders in key Syrian town, with Turkish forces massed on other side


Gay marriage supporters celebrate in Virginia.

Gay marriage supporters celebrate in Virginia. Photograph: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

US supreme court decision paves way for sweeping expansion of gay rights

Court declines to hear appeals from five states – Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin – seeking to uphold bans on same-sex marriage


Hong Kong protests

People return to work as the number of pro-democracy protesters blockading central Hong Kong falls. Photograph: Mast Irham/EPA

Hong Kong government due to hold first talks with protesters

Leaders will meet with pro-democracy groups later this week but questions remain over what will be achieved as numbers fall


Atlanta police raid baby

Church members gather in a prayer on behalf of Baby BouBou injured in a police drug raid Photograph: Steve Eberhardt/Steve Eberhardt/Demotix/Corbis

Georgia grand jury: no charges for officers in raid that seriously hurt toddler

Bounkham Phonesavanh was 19 months old at the time of the raid in late May when a flash grenade detonated in his playpen

A grand jury in Georgia has recommended that no charges be brought against officers involved in a raid that seriously injured a toddler when a flash grenade detonated in his playpen.

WSB-TV reports the grand jury made its recommendation Monday.

Bounkham Phonesavanh was 19 months old at the time of the raid in late May. Family members have said the boy has undergone numerous surgeries.

Members of a law enforcement task force looking for a drug suspect threw the flash grenade into the home where the boy was staying while executing a search warrant. The suspect they were seeking was not in the home at the time.

Mawuli Davis, a lawyer for the family, said he needed to talk to his clients before commenting.



Delaware 34min ago

Four-year-old took hundreds of packets of heroin to day care

Girl’s mother, Ashley Tull, was charged with three counts of child endangerment and maintaining a drug property

Syria 1hr 53min ago

Coalition air strikes target Isis in key Syrian border town of Kobani – video

Plumes of smoke rise from the Syrian border town of Kobani following coalition air strikes

China 1hr 59min ago

China, Russia and US test the boundaries of international airspace

A resurgent Russia and Chinese efforts to project power further afield draws US response and leads to rise in mid-air encounters

Seattle 3hr 15min ago

Seattle to mark Indigenous Peoples’ Day at same time as Columbus Day

Resolution that passed unanimously honors contributions and culture of Native Americans and the indigenous community



ruther bader ginsburg illustration

As long as lower courts remain unanimous in finding bans unconstitutional, liberals like Ruth Bader Ginsburg may see no reason to step in. Photo illustration: DonkeyHotey .

The supreme court refusal to hear gay marriage cases may be the best thing to happen to gay marriage

Scott Lemieux: The threat of one big case going wrong could spell human rights catastrophe. Did the liberal justices pull a fast one?

The US supreme court did not issue any rulings on Monday. But that doesn’t mean that the justices – four calculating conservatives, four curious liberals and one very intriguing chief – didn’t make history. If you visit the court’s “fancy” new website, you will be able to read an eye-glazing list of cases it declined to hear on the first day of its new term. Hidden in this list is a major, major news story: same-sex marriage will soon be legal in a majority of American states.

Federal district and appeals courts have spent the last two years aggressively striking down bans on same-sex marriage. The supreme court was considering seven separate appeals to these rulings. Legal observers had been assuming that the court would use some or all of these appeals to hear an argument that would determine whether or not there is a federally guaranteed right to same-sex marriage. (The court ducked this question when it let stand a ruling that had held California’s infamous Proposition 8 initiative as unconstitutional.) Instead, the court threw a curveball, rejecting every single one of the appeals. And probably with good reason…………………………

Al Jazerra

Nearly 200 Bishops meeting at the Vatican to discuss controversial topics

Nearly 200 Bishops meeting at the Vatican to discuss controversial topics

Issues like divorce, birth control, and gay rights will be at the center of the conversation with Pope Francis



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