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The black Isis banner atop a building in Kobani, taken from over the Turkish-Syrian border. The armo

Islamic State flags flying in Kurdish Syrian town of Kobani

Isis forces reported to have planted their banner on top of strategic hill overlooking Kobani and on building in east of town


Turkish soldiers near Kobani

Turkish soldiers on the border with Syria, with Kobani visible beyond as smoke from a shell rises. Photograph: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

Syrian Kurds say air strikes against Isis are not working

6 Oct 2014: Isis fighters have pushed to the edge of Kobani and evade western strikes, says spokesman for Kurdish fighters


Hong Kong

A protester sleeps in front of barricades on a street near the Hong Kong government complex on 6 October. Photograph: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images

Hong Kong protest numbers dwindle as exhaustion sets in

Ending the Hong Kong democracy protests is up to the government, a student leader has said, as demonstrations dwindled and exhaustion began to set in.

Student leader says ‘ball in government’s court’ but demonstrators’ hopes of serious reform appear to be ebbing


NBC cameraman Ebola treatment

A worker guards the entrance of the Ebola treatment centre where Ashoka Mukpo was being treated. Photograph: Pascal Guyot/AFP/Getty Images

American photojournalist diagnosed with Ebola lands in Nebraska

Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance cameraman for NBC News in Liberia, will be treated at specialised isolation unit


Kurdish refugees evacuate the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobani by the Kurds, at the border crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border

Suruç, Turkey Kurdish refugees, recently evacuated from the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab. Islamic State militants are reported to be 1km from the town, forcing many to flee the area. Photograph: Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images

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US news 18min ago

US supreme court decision paves way for sweeping expansion of gay rights

Court declines to hear appeals from five states – Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin – seeking to uphold bans on same-sex marriage

US national security 2hr 4min ago

Pentagon yet to decide on Syrian rebel force central to Isis offensive

US military officials consider raising trustworthy rebel force to destroy Isis on the ground without committing US soldiers

2014 Nobel Medicine Prize : John O'Keefe and Norwegian duo May-Britt Moser and Edvard I Moser

John O’Keefe, May-Britt and Edvard Moser win Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine – as it happened

  John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014 for an ‘inner GPS’ in the brain



Carmen Segarra

Carmen Segarra, who was fired after standing by a scathing report on Goldman Sachs. Photograph: Adam Lerner/AP Images

Carmen Segarra, the whistleblower of Wall Street

Gary Younge

Gary Younge: One Federal Reserve employee’s refusal to play along with a rigged financial game has made her a true modern dissident

In a 1978 political essay, Power of the Powerless, the Czech dissident (and later president) Vaclav Havel paints a scenario of a greengrocer who has been sent a poster announcing “Workers of the World Unite” by the authorities along with his vegetables. Explaining why the grocer would put the poster up in his shop window, Havel writes: “He does it because these things must be done if one is to get along in life. It is one of the thousands of details that guarantee him a relatively tranquil life ‘in harmony with society’.”

In this context, argues Havel, the poster’s message has become devoid of meaning. Nobody believes in it. They just have to behave as though they do. “They must live within a lie. They need not accept the lie. It is enough for them to have accepted their life with it and in it. For by this very fact, individuals confirm the system, fulfil the system, make the system, are the system.”……………….

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ALEC is coming to a city block near you

ALEC is coming to a city block near you

by Amy B. Dean

The conservative think tank known for flooding state legislatures with its agenda is starting to think locally

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has long made headlines as a conservative policy-sharing network that has pushed an agenda of voter suppression and dismantling of public education at the state level. Now the group, backed by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch, is going local with its new initiative, the American City County Exchange (ACCE). Soon, city government or county commission policies could be generated at the same right-wing think tank that has attacked environmental protections, attempted to undermine the rights of workers and made it harder for people to vote.

At a time of congressional gridlock and partisan rancor, local policies are easier to come by at the local level, with business and citizen groups coming together to generate solutions to problems such as affordable housing, public transit, open space and good-paying jobs. At the heart of these efforts is the spirit of regional collaboration among people who will have to live with the consequences of policy.

ALEC, with its new project, plans to interrupt that collaborative policymaking process by coming in from the outside with model bills based on an ideological obsession with privatization rather than on local knowledge about what works. …………………




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