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Three students holding a banner that reads 'Soyez r  aliste, demandez l'impossible' (be realistic, demand the impossible), a slogan from the Mai 1968 student movement in France, during pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong activists threaten to step up protests

Leaders of pro-democracy protests deliver ultimatum to chief executive Leung Chun-ying after hardline response

“As this tweet shows, it’s not all Hong Kong nationals taking part.” Hong Kong protests grow ahead of public holiday – live updates


Hong Kong protests

Pro-democracy protesters flash lights outside the Hong Kong government headquarters. Photograph: Alex Hofford/EPA

Hong Kong’s umbrella revolution – the Guardian briefing

30 Sep 2014: The story behind the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

Admiralty, Hong Kong, Monday 29th September 2014, 8:43pm

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests: readers’ pictures


Israel To Sell Stake In El Al National Airline

An El Al plane at Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv. Photograph: David Silverman/Getty Images)

Israeli airline urged to stop ‘bullying’ of women by ultra-orthodox passengers

Petition organiser says airline should find way to accommodate religious requirements without breaching other people’s rights


MDG : eviction the Sengwer community from their ancestral lands in the Embobut Kenya

Families from the Sengwer community leave their homes in Embobut, Kenya. Photograph: Forest Peoples Programme

World Bank accuses itself of failing to protect Kenya forest dwellers

29 Sep 2014: Leaked document says World Bank violated its own safeguards in dealings with Sengwer people evicted from their lands




gitmo fence hand

Gitmo is a warehouse of the forgotten, run by a military that doesn’t know how to treat the sick souls it’s without charge for over 12 years. Photograph: Dar Yasin/AP

Gitmo hunger strikes are a cry for help. Why is the US fighting back with secret torture?

Cori Crider: Force-feeding at Guantánamo shames America – not just in the bad old days of George W Bush, but today, in 2014

“Safe, Humane, Legal, Transparent”: so goes the slogan of the world’s most famous offshore prison. It’s an Obama-era rebrand, a bid by Gitmo’s PR people to persuade Americans that today’s is a kinder, gentler Guantánamo Bay. There’s just one wrinkle: Gitmo is stilldangerous, nasty, lawless and secretive – and the evidence just keeps piling up.

At the forefront of this war over the truth is the first-ever trial concerning the practice of force-feeding prisoners on hunger strike, due to start Monday. My client, Abu Wa’el Dhiab – a Syrian man who has never been charged, and indeed has been cleared to leave Guantánamo by the US government for more than five years – has been fighting for over a year to reform the way he and other hunger-strikers have been treated. He’s finally about to have his day in court.

But the Obama administration refuses to accept this unusual intrusion of justice into its island idyll. On Friday, US justice department attorneys filed a motion asking the court to hear all evidence in the trial entirely in closed court, save a short, anodyne opening statement from lawyers on both sides………………….

Al Jazerra


Holder’s inconsistent constitutional legacy

Holder’s inconsistent constitutional legacy


Laudable leadership on civil rights and criminal justice blunted by disregard for civil liberties

Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement last week of his plan to resign triggered a cascade of commentary about his tenure. The accounting was decidedly mixed: Conservatives bade him good riddance, while liberals were more divided. As the nation’s first African-American attorney general, he drew wide praise for his record on civil rights, which was the centerpiece of his time in office. He refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, championed voting rights and made incremental but important strides in reforming the criminal justice system. But Holder’s dismal record on civil liberties will tarnish his legacy.

In both word and deed, he fostered a national conversation about race, courageously speaking about his own lived experience. He stood by his controversial remark shortly after he was confirmed as attorney general in which he asserted the United States remains “a nation of cowards” on the issue of racial justice. Republican leaders and the conservative media roundly and repeatedly criticized him for “needlessly injecting politics into law enforcement,” often based on meritless arguments. In the aftermath of the death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American teen gunned down by self-styled neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman in Florida, Holder lamented that he was compelled to caution his 15-year-old son about how young men of color should interact with the police. It was a discussion Holder had with his father decades earlier, although his father likely believed the admonitions would be unnecessary for his son to repeat…………………….


Eric Holder

Department of Justice

Law & Justice




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