23 Feb

“New Dawn”

Reference: Washington PR At Work

Ah, the Pentagon’s public relations machine grinds and grinds.

“New Dawn” is nothing but an asinine attempt, even ridiculous, at covering the criminal, gory, corrupt and deadly escapade in Iraq in a mantle of glory and victory.

George Orwell wrote. “A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outline and covering up all the details.”

But the “details”, the facts speak so horribly. The last three days in Iraq.

02/23/10 irishtimes: Divisions in Iraq
02/23/10 Reuters: Bomb wounds one person northwest of Kirkuk
02/23/10 Reuters: Bomb wounds 2 policemen in Tikrit
02/23/10 Reuters: Ti insurgents killed while planting bomb in Tikrit
02/23/10 Reuters: Iraqi soldier killed at a checkpoint in Mosul
02/23/10 Reuters: Roadside bomb wounds two people including a policeman in southern Kirkuk
02/23/10 Reuters: Bomb kills one person, wounds 3 others in central Baghdad
02/23/10 Reuters: Armed men kill three members of Christian family in eastern Mosul
02/23/10 usf-iraq: US Soldier dies in vehicle related accident
02/23/10 tvnz: Eight members of Iraq family slaughtered
02/23/10 Reuters: Sticky bomb attached to a car kills off-duty policeman in Mosul
02/23/10 Reuters: Gunmen kill woman in eastern Mosul
02/23/10 Reuters: Gunmen kill 2 policemen at checkpoint in eastern Mosul
02/23/10 Reuters: Deadly blast in Ramadi, Iraq (video)
02/22/10 Reuters: Suicide car bomber kills 3 people, wounds seven policemen in western Ramadi,
02/22/10 Reuters: Gunmen kill 8 members from the same family in Madaen
02/22/10 Reuters: Bullet-riddled body of a construction contractor found in southeast of Kirkuk
02/22/10 Reuters: Mother and 3 daughters killed in northwestern Baghdad
02/22/10 Reuters: Gunman kill policeman in central Baghdad
02/22/10 Reuters: Gunmen kill 2 Iraqi soldiers, 2 policemen in separate shootings in Mosul
02/22/10 Reuters: Suicide car bomber kills at least three people in western Ramadi
02/22/10 Reuters: Gunmen kill 2 members of Iraqi Defence Ministry in Baghdad
02/22/10 Reuters: Gunmen wound 2 in Baghdad
02/22/10 AFP: Dogs sniff out explosives amid Iraq bomb threats
02/22/10 AFP: Iraqi family killed by ‘terrorist group’
02/22/10 Reuters: Five hurt in Baghdad Green Zone attack – police
02/22/10 Reuters: Gunmen kill university professor in northern Baghdad
02/21/10 timesonline: Saleh Mutlaq pulls out of Iraqi elections threatening US plans
02/21/10 Reuters: Roadside bomb wounds a civilian in Hawija
02/21/10 : Gunmen kill off-duty policeman in central Mosul
02/21/10 Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 1, wounds 6 near Tikrit
02/21/10 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 5 police officers in Khanaqin
02/21/10 Reuters: Stick bomb wounds two pedestrians in north Baghdad
02/21/10 Reuters: Bomb planted in tribal leader’s house wounds three people
02/21/10 Reuters: Gunmen kill Shi’ite Muslim pilgrim, wound seven in Taji
02/21/10 Reuters: Two U.S. army helicopter pilots killed in hard landing
02/21/10 WSJ: Sunni Boycott Threatens Iraq Vote
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Jason Whitmen

Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template ? if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

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