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Natalie Mosher for Congress, Michigan 11th Congressional District



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Natalie Mosher has a plan for bringing jobs to Michigan that will lay a foundation for long-term economic security. Her opponent, Thaddeus McCotter, has repeatedly opposed jobs bills and blocked crucial help from reaching Southeast Michigan.

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Wall Street v. Main Street

Natalie Mosher believes that the key to economic recovery is to create growth and jobs by making credit available to small businesses. Two out of every three new jobs in this country are created by a small business. Natalie wants our dollars to work for Main Street, not Wall Street. Thaddeus McCotter was the only member of Michigan’s congressional delegation to vote to protect the huge bonuses that AIG executives gave themselves using taxpayer money. 

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Energy Independence

Natalie Mosher thinks it’s past time for America to end its crippling dependence on oil. Oil money props up vicious dictatorships abroad. Why use an energy source controlled by other countries when we could make our own American energy here at home? Thaddeus McCotter plays the Washington insider’s game when it comes to Big Oil: “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”

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As an experienced educator, Natalie Mosher cares deeply about education. She is passionate about investing in our schools and teachers, lowering the cost of college, and ensuring that students get the skills they’ll need to power our economy. Thaddeus McCotter has voted time and time again to cut funding for education. McCotter’s long list of anti-education positions includes voting to increase interest rates on student loans and voting to increase teacher layoffs during the recession.

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Social Security

Natalie Mosher believes that Social Security is a promise that should never be broken. She will strongly oppose efforts to weaken, privatize, or raid Social Security. Thaddeus McCotter has voted against retirees 80% of the time during his years in Congress. He helped his party raid the Social Security trust fund, spending more than $1 trillion dollars set aside for the program.

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The Deficit

Natalie Mosher will work hard to bring down the deficit and reduce the burden it places on our children’s generation. Natalie knows that the best way to bring down the deficit is to grow the economy. Thaddeus McCotter and his Republican friends used the Bush years to increase spending, cut taxes for the rich, and start two wars, all at the same time. The effect on our national debt has been disastrous.

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Workplace Fairness

Natalie Mosher stands behind working men and women. She believes that women deserve equal pay for equal work, which is why she supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Thaddeus McCotter sees things differently. He voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. His campaign is supported by out-of-state financial interests and opposed by local organizations of working men and women.   

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Health Care

Natalie Mosher believes that every American deserves affordable, accessible health care. Thaddeus McCotter voted against expanding health insurance to 30 million more Americans, but introduced a bill to make veterinary costs tax-deductable.

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The McGlynn:

Further: This is what McCotter does do in the Halls of Congress. Your taxpayer money, employing this fool, at work.

A 2008 Video, C-Span

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