12 Sep

Mr. Chai, Bangkok & Yauvi, Travels With Pancha & Rosalie

His name was Mr. Chai.

On her daily visit for fruits and flowers, Yauvi went to the market again. She spoke with some vendors about the man who had passed away.

He was in the market buying grapefruit. As he stood over his bike and pulled out the money, he collapsed.

Mr. Chai bought at the market often. He was originally from Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, and he had a business on Khao San Road – the same short, busy street full of tourists where Yauvi and I are staying.

The devotees used to chant on Khao San Road, but after a while the shopkeepers complained and they were no longer allowed. Perhaps Mr. Chai was a shopkeeper who liked the devotees, or perhaps he did not, and was more than a little suprised to see a Krsna devotee chanting to him as he struggled for his last breath.

His funeral and cremation are being conducted this afternoon at a nearby Buddhist temple. Yauvi wants to go, so she can meet his son and tell him that his father passed away peacefully, hearing the Hare Krsna Mahamantra.

As Yauvi spoke with the shopkeepers, she recognized a few of the ladies who had massaged the man’s legs while he passed. The grapefruit seller was there, and he spoke in broken English while smoking a cigarette. One lady was translating for the rest of the group. Yauvi noticed his cigarette and warned him that, if he doesn’t stop smoking, next time she will have to come and pump his heart. When that was translated, the people burst out laughing – and the man threw away his cigarette.

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