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Get Involved in Recall Efforts


Find out where you can sign Recall Petitions at 

Here’s how YOU can help hold lawmakers accountable for attacks on public education, middle class

MEA has entered the second phase of our three-phase Crisis Plan – holding lawmakers accountable for their votes against public education and the middle class.

Our first phase was an attempt to work with lawmakers to come up with common sense solutions to the issues facing our state.  We advocated for MEA’s A+ Agenda and lobbied hard for changes we believed in – and against those that attacked school employees and public school students.  There were some in Lansing who were willing to work with us – but they were outnumbered by those intent on using Michigan’s fiscal crisis as cover to slash school funding, tax pensions and assault the due process and collective bargaining rights of school employees.

Throughout the summer, MEA will be actively working on a variety of recall efforts that have begun around the state.  We are urging members to get engaged in these efforts locally and actively participate in removing lawmakers from office who are consistently putting their corporate special interests ahead of students and Michigan’s working families.

This activism will continue throughout the fall and into 2012, when MEA enters the final phase of our Crisis Plan – electing leaders in the 2012 General Election who will end these attacks and focus on creating jobs, supporting public education and saving the middle class.

Where are recall petitions currently being circulated?

The following is a list of current MEA-supported recall petitions that have been approved for circulation. Also included is contact information for the organizers, where available (if contact information is not yet available, try connecting with the Snyder recall captain for your county — they are often connected to these other efforts). 

Please check back, as this list is subject to frequent changes:

  • Statewide – Governor Rick Snyder – (see list of county captains for local contacts)
  • House District 63 – Speaker of the House Jase Bolger – contact info TBD (Autumn Smith)
  • House District 57 – Rep. Nancy Jenkins – contact Daniel Long at
  • House District 79 – Rep. Al Pscholka – contact Dennis Knowles at
  • House District 84 – Rep. Kurt Damrow – contact info TBD (Lisa Di Camillo)
  • House District 97 – Rep. Joel Johnson – contact info TBD (Dennis Perry)
  • House District 102 – Rep. Phil Potvin – contact Tiyi Schippers at
  • Senate District 12 – Sen. Jim Marleau – contact info TBD (Einar Jensen)
  • Senate District 31 – Sen. Mike Green – contact info TBD
  • Senate District 33 – Sen. Judy Emmons – contact info TBD
  • Senate District 35 – Sen. Darwin Booher – contact info TBD

Please note: MEA is not engaged in every recall effort.  The Tea Party is running a variety of recall efforts for reasons that are incompatible with the interests of public education.  And there are recall efforts against some legislators who have been working closely with MEA in fighting the legislative attacks on public education and Michigan’s middle class – we are not engaging in such efforts.

What other recalls are in the process of being approved for circulation?

MEA is aware of efforts to recall several more legislators throughout the state. Those efforts are in various stages awaiting final approval before petitions can be circulated.  We will update the status on these recalls as we get more information:

  • House District 30 – Rep. Jeff Farrington
  • House District 43 – Rep. Gail Haines
  • House District 51 – Rep. Paul Scott
  • House District 65 – Rep. Mike Shirkey
  • House District 99 – Rep. Kevin Cotter
  • Senate District 12 – Sen. John Papageorge
  • Senate District 20 – Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker
  • Senate District 21 – Sen. John Proos
  • Senate District 30 – Sen. Arlan Meekhof
  • Senate District 36 – Sen. John Moolenaar
  • Senate District 37 – Sen. Howard Walker

Where can I find events to engage in local recall efforts?

The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder is hosting statewide petition signing events on Saturday, July 9, from noon to 6 p.m. at county courthouses across Michigan.  Please attend the event in your area to get plugged in to local recall efforts. Visit for more information.

Please visit our special Recall Event Calendar to find out if there are group efforts in your area.  If you don’t find anything in your area, please use the contact information above to get in touch with the individual recall organizers.

What about the effort to repeal the anti-worker, anti-collective bargaining Emergency Manager law (Public Act 4)?  How can I help that petition drive?

You can learn more about that effort, including how to volunteer to circulate petitions, at  Alternately, MEA field offices will soon have copies of the petition and other support materials from the coalition running this effort.  Contact your local office after Monday, July 11 to arrange to pick up materials.

MEA will continue to update this page with more information about how you can get involved.  Please check back frequently for updates. If you have other information regarding recall efforts in your area, please email

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