20 Mar

Michael Moore in The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Part 1 and 2

Death by Compromise

“He entered this whole process in a spirit of compromise, holding his hand out, and the other side didn’t want any hand being held out toward them. They wanted to slap that hand away. And he should have come in there just like the Republicans do: When they’re in power and they want to get something done, they come in with guns blazing and they get it done. And our side, we break out the the six-string guitar and start singing Kumbaya. And I’m sick of it — and the American people are sick of it, too. … Oh, I know. I’ve got a bill. Let’s give 70% of the women the right to vote and leave 30% out. There’s a great idea. Because we’ve got to do it in increments, Wolf. We can’t let ALL the women vote all at once. We can’t free ALL the slaves. Let’s keep 30% of them enslaved. That’s how this town is run though, isn’t it? They compromise to the lowest possible denominator.” — Michael Moore on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


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Alison Armand

Go Michael Moore. You are 100 percent on. The Republican and Democratic parties should be ashamed of themselves. They have all sold out to the insurance and medical industries. I have had indivisula insurance for 20 years and it “sucks”. I am one of those people that you are talking about and I have been given a death sentence by my insurance company because of denials. I refuse to place my family in debt. 2014 will be too late for me. SOLD OUT AGAIN!

Nina Lois Flannery

Please count me as a Michael Moore Democrat. I took umbrage that you seem to believe similar-thinking people are so few and far between. It is demeaning that a half-way intelligent person like yourself chooses to support the people who pay you money rather than acknowledge the plain facts of the U. S. corporate-controlled military/industrial/media empire. It is demeaning both to me and to you. We’re all kooks. like Murphy. I’m proud to stand with him. Nina Flannery
by User 137, 03/20/2010

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