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Let’s also Remember the 176 children Killed by US Drones

Posted on 12/16/2012 by Juan

The US government continues to rain drones down on the tribal belt of Pakistan. While the Washington narrative is that these drones are precision machines that only kill terrorists, this story is not true.

The drone program is classified, and so it cannot be publicly debated. It cannot even be acknowledged by President Obama and his cabinet members. Drones are operated by civilians and sometimes by contractors. That is, we are subcontracting assassination.

Americans who were upset that the president did not seek congressional authorization for the enforcement of the no-fly zone in Libya are apparently all right with his administration bombing Pakistan without explicit authorization (the 2001 one authorizes action against perpetrators of 9/11, not their children.). The Obama administration has declared that no judges or judicial process need be involved in just blowing away people, even American citizens.

Of the some 3000 persons killed by US drones, something like 600 have been innocent noncombatant bystanders, and of these 176 were children. In some instances the US drone operators have struck at a target, then waited for rescuers to come and struck again, which would be a war crime. Obviously, children may run in panic to the side of an injured parent, so they could get hit by the indiscriminate second strike.

We don’t know the exact circumstances of the childrens’ deaths because the US government won’t talk about them, indeed, denies it all.

Robert Greenwald of the Brave New Foundation explains further: (warning: graphic and not for the squeamish):

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I weep for the children of Newtown just as I weep for the children of Pakistan killed by our drones. They are my children too. We should ask ourselves how much does our endless war and violence perpetrated against those who have done nothing, those who are innocent–how much does this culture of death influence our young boys as they grow into manhood.

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