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My father; Emad Baghi

 Blndyshan enough these days to have drawn Rkhm Vshbha their blackness, waiting to see the dawn of freedom more difficult. With my heart that every day longer than yesterday sun herald birth of freedom from the heart of the black night Shhrman screams.

 Today Birthday of Hazrat Fatima (SA) and 160 days in prison now being passed to you.  These days, how much we have captured, I captured many Vtnanman Asyrnd diverge, Bghzman is captured, is captured Fryadhaman, thoughts and words and bitter than Asyrnd all Asyrand pens, pen that you taste detention for years and I won the Shahdm witness life filled with adventure and prisons father repeated his pen only to freedom crime.  Control articles were mutilated, see books that were never published, see books and paste or butcher went home and what they wanted to cut from their tone, I’ve seen that a newspaper publishing house mice are high so what do not like it Jvydh be neglectful Azaynkh thought, pen ink is chair can not be chewed.

Tonight I wanted what I write in the head, but if the mice to have infiltrated my brain. Night of the past half-asleep but does not come to my eye, the time comes and moon lonesome stretch of the window frame and the wall of my room to Khzydh going good here and I light a full moon half-life of hope I see you smiling with the meetings short, to motivate our lives standing up to the injection.

The habit of avoiding all the years, sometimes write letters for you that may never Nkhvany, I see the injustice that goes on too Vtnanm Nshtr and they are on my heart and I still can not believe that power is too sweet to be able to tear the Khatrsh homeland ignored.  Ashkhayy believe that this is the pan to weight each Trazvyy.

I wish all their hearts, like you had a mirror, you do not even tolerate to see the offender’s rights and human dignity is trampled to be horrible, let alone innocent people, and I these days of fever, which saw over how you view these events with water catch.

Baba this time instead of all the professors and students, educators and journalists and …  Prisons in the corner, it still How good is your captivity, although I can not even one second of your valuable and useful life in prison is a waste of eye wear and Tqas all your time and ours the moment that you been stolen and we have every day I prayed Tears.

Days like today that you were you should, rather hollow today that my mother tired forehead Rvzsh Kiss and tell them congratulations.  Fatima Fatima like the back of my mother who stood behind you and your pain is his pain and how he’s feeling a void you can.

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