29 Apr

Lawrence O’Donnell Hammers Trump, NBC execs

Stunning: Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Out NBC for Its Role in Trump’s Latest Racist Move (Updated 7x)

by davidkc

I just watched a stunning performance by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.  He just callled out his employer – NBC – for being complicit in Donald Trump’s racist campaign against the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  It was a stunning and courageous rebuke of NBC and the media in general

This is a short diary but I’ll update with video and transcript when available.

O’Donnell’s basic contention is that NBC knows – right now – if Trump is coming back for another season of The Apprentice.  If he is, that means that Trump is not running for President.  And if he is not running for President, the media will quickly turn their focus away from this idiotic, racist rants.

O’Donnell called on NBC Entertainment to announce – today – if Trump’s show is renewed for another season.   He called out NBC as a matter of moral conscience.  It was a stunning performance.  More to come …………………………….

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