11 Apr

Join the tens of thousands of LCV members who have already expressed their support for cleaner, healthier air.

Don’t let the Koch brothers stop the EPA from curbing global warming pollution – stand up for
cleaner air today!

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The McGlynn,

The effects of climate change are mounting as crippling natural disasters emerge as the new norm.

Yet if the Koch brothers, the coal industry and congressional climate deniers have their way, polluters will be given free rein to dump unlimited amounts of global warming pollution into the air.

That’s because anti-environment forces are already waging an all-out assault on the EPA’s recently proposed standard to limit harmful industrial carbon pollution from power plants. We need to fight back, now!

Will you tell the EPA to hold strong by sending a ‘public comment’ to the agency today? We’re already more than half-way to our goal of collecting 100,000 comments.

Thanks to the hard work of supporters like you – raising awareness about the need to hold polluters accountable – the EPA has proposed the first-ever national standards to limit industrial carbon pollution from new power plants. These new clean air safeguards will improve the quality of our air and protect public health, while also sparking new innovations in clean energy technologies. And before the EPA can finalize these new standards, they are accepting input from the public.

But the Koch brothers and other polluting interests are hell-bent on undermining the Obama administration’s ability to protect our environment. Groups tied to the Koch brothers have already spent nearly $10 million attacking President Obama with false and misleading television ads.

Meanwhile, Senator James “Global Warming is a Hoax” Inhofe has said he will lead the charge in Congress to block scientists at the EPA from doing their job. And in the U.S. House, more than 200 representatives are already on the record in opposition to the new standards.

Don’t let the voices of those of us who support addressing the climate crisis be drowned out by corporate polluters. Help us reach our goal of 100,000 standing strong for cleaner air!

Currently, there are no rules preventing power plants from spewing unlimited global warming pollution into the air. But the need for such limits is more critical than ever. Across the U.S., we’re seeing the kinds of weather extremes that will become more intense and more frequent if we fail to address climate change. In fact, last month was by far the warmest March on record in the lower 48 states, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The Obama administration has proposed historic limits on industrial carbon pollution – and it’s no surprise that big polluters are fighting these limits. That’s why we need you to send a message to the EPA today! Join the tens of thousands of LCV members who have already expressed their support for cleaner, healthier air.

Thank you,

Mike Palamuso

Vice President, Communications

League of Conservation Voters


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