15 Mar

John Oliver: Stadiums

The McGlynn:We allow billions of our taxes to be spent on stadiums for private corporations.

If people cared about education the way they do about sports our country would not have a very low standing of education in the world in science and math. What we are excellent at is public funding for building stadiums and grossly over paying grown men in tights playing a glorified game of catch.

And we are very good at limiting public funds assisting immigration, re-building our infrastructure, testing for toxicity in environment, correcting the same, etc.

Public money to build the mentioned fish tank inside a stadium is beyond reason. I wonder, if the fish tank would break, would Texas and its’ republican fools blame Obama?

The Detroit episode is plain madness. The schools are about to run out of money, millions of dollars are needed to make the schools habitable and they are about to sell parts of the city to get out of bankruptcy. But they can build a new Hockey Rink with a sushi restaurant inside.

The oligarchy rule is now the opiate of the masses.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stadiums (HBO)

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