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It’s Happening: Democratic Party Officials to Vote on Eliminating Superdelegates

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It’s Happening: Democratic Party Officials to Vote on Eliminating Superdelegates


Maine Democrats are taking the first step towards eliminating the massively unpopular superdelegates at this weekend’s state convention with a move that could result in an all-out brawl between the Clinton and Sanders presidential campaigns, according to Bangor Daily News.

Portland state Representative Diane Russell has introduced an amendment that would require superdelegates to be distributed in proportion to the state’s caucus results. As of now, superdelegates are permitted to go against the will of their voters and allot their points to whomever they please.

This proposal comes in the wake of public outcry after Sanders received nearly double the votes of Hillary Clinton in the state’s caucus (64%-35%), but only 1 of the 5 available superdelegates. Clinton has secured three of the other Maine superdelegate endorsements, with one still remaining undeclared.

“If you’re representing the state of Maine as a superdelegate, you should be going the way of the voters,” said National Committeeman Troy Jackson, the only Maine superdelegate to vote for Sanders. “The voters of the Democratic Party told us very much who they wanted.”

Rep. Russell agrees. “We have a system of government where you have one person, one vote, by and large,” she said. “The primary system is not when that happens. And I think that we need to start moving toward a system that’s more fair, that’s more democratic, and more reflective of the popular vote.”

While this amendment will include a “strong suggestion” that this year’s superdelegates vote in accordance with the caucus results, it won’t become binding until 2020.

Russell hasn’t officially said that she supports an immediate change “because it could put Maine out of compliance with rules set by the Democratic National Committee.”

However, the passage of this amendment could be enough to spark a floor fight between supporters of Sanders and Clinton in a contested national convention. Ironically, Clinton’s maligned superdelegate support may soon prove to become her greatest political vulnerability.

The vote on Russell’s amendment will occur this weekend.

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