19 Sep

Israel, A Very Disturbing Video

New Max Blumenthal Video on Potential Israeli Loyalty Oath


By: EdwardTeller

The O’Leary: Well, when you think you are the “chosen people,” anything is legitimate.


American Author, journalist, blogger and videographer, Max Blumenthal, partnering with Joseph Dana, has posted a new video, Feeling the loyalty to the Jewish State. Like many of Max’s earlier interviews with young North American kids in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, the responses he gets tend to be surprising, even shocking.

In the six-minute piece, he interviews a succession of American and Canadian kids in Israel. Most appear to be concluding their all expense paid Taglit-Birthright tours, designed to help young Jewish kids resonate with the Jewish state. As described recently by Canadian activist Rachel Marcuse, the highly programmed tours wear the kids down with a relentless schedule of right-wing Zionist Hasbara sessions from early in the morning until late at night. At the conclusion of the tour, the kids unwind:

Imagine the reaction in the USA if Iranian-American kids were going over to Tehran, and being filmed reciting:

I swear by Allah that I want to offer unconditional loyalty to the Islamic state of Iran, to its leaders and the commanders of its Islamic army. I am prepared as a loyal supporter of the Islamic state to risk my life for this oath at any time.

There would be an uproar. The kids might be rolled up, locked up and forced into stress positions immediately upon return to the USA. They would be incarcerated for lengthy periods with no charges against them. If tortured, their torturers would be left alone by the Obama administration. Some might commit suicide. All would be ruined for life.

Instead, these Canadian and American kids, upon their return to the countries some state they hold second in loyalty to Israel, will be sought out to fill positions in government, the military, intelligence and the corporate world, where they will begin to exert influence on the future affairs of the countries they inhabit.

For some reason, to me, this is perhaps the most troubling video yet by the Dana-Blumenthal team

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