27 Mar

Is it game over for Clinton?


She had the full-throated (even when intentionally obscured) backing of the media, millions and millions of billionaire bucks, the mighty backing of Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex, complete control of the party apparatus including the devious manipulations of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and unofficial party surrogates like Daily Kos. Yet, even with the shameful, ham-handed efforts of husband Bill to disrupt the vote, name recognition to die for and virtually every other conceivable advantage on this earth, she can’t stop our political revolution to save her life.

There is no plausible way for Clinton to overcome the advantage Bernie enjoys of being loved by the people. The people are ready for a president they can love and believe in, one they can be proud of, one who will follow through on his promises, one who will be truthful, one who will do the right thing. We are sick to death of holding our noses and voting for the lesser of two evils.

At this point, her presence in the race is just a distraction. I call on her to do the right thing and drop out now and endorse the presumptive nominee, Birdie Sanders.

We are sick of being lied to, screwed over, robbed and forced into bogus, immoral wars. We are tired of all the bullshit.

No more!

The tide has turned. It’s time for Bernie and the American people to win it all!

Go Bernie!


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