03 Nov

Iraq – When you’re used up, Where do you go?

Blues: Robert Cray – Twenty

Some comments on You Tube

I am used up and I hardly sleep any more. I am an Iraq veteran from 2003. I hate this war and the government that started it. This ain’t the country I had in mind. My brother speaks to ME in this tune. He’s feelin’ me yo. If you think this war was right then GO! But save yourself a trashed life, and don’t believe the man, the recruiters, the politicians. I’m a used up soldier, and my country threw me away, like many of my brothers and sisters. Many have died after getting back. It’s all a lie.?

This is a really beautiful song. The young man playing the soldier is an actual former soldier named Aiden? Delgado. We had several classes together in college and I’ve attended several of his talks about the war and his status as conscientious objector. I’m proud of him for being in the video for his song and for all of the heat he’s so gracefully taken for his position on the war in Iraq.

He didn’t volunteer to? be an objector. He joined the reserves after his first year of college and the day he joined just happened to be September 11th. He was immediately sent to Iraq and served six months at Abu Ghraib. During his time in the service, he converted to Buddhism and claimed his conscientious objector status.

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