14 Nov

Iraq – This Genocide Must Stop.

Lady of Salvation

More than 50 innocent worshipers were killed and dozens were injured after they were taken as hostages in the Church of Lady of Salvation in Karrada neighborhood on a Sunday this month

Several gunmen, about ten, some wearing vest bombs stormed into the church and took more than one hundred worshippers as hostages.

Iraqi security forces stormed, about three hours later, the church and freed many of the hostages but the operation was not as we hoped; many of the hostages were killed as terrorists detonated their vest bombs inside the church.

Those killers killed a mother and her six months old baby because the baby was crying, what kind of animals that we are dealing with!

Anger and sorrow for the children who were killed with cold blood, pregnant women, old women, men and priests who lost their lives is not fading away.

To our brothers, who lost their beloved ones, and sisters who watched their sons, husbands and brothers being killed with cold blood in front of their eyes, by God the killers will not escape punishment. By God we will not sit and watch. For myself, as a journalist, I will not let this go without reminding Iraqi officials of their failure and their duty towards you.

I have not seen our people as united as now in supporting the Christians in Iraq. The tragedy of the Church of Lady of Salvation will not be forgotten and your blood is not cheap and will never be so.

On Sunday Iraq’s face carried a scar that will never heal. I feel ashamed of having this government. I feel ashamed that I cannot do anything to bring those who helped and planned this operation to justice.

Iraqi government should be hold responsible for not protecting the Iraqi citizen. The Iraqi security forces along with the American troops should be also hold responsible and an investigation must be started.

Even more, the Iraqi government decided to close the offices of Al Baghdadiya TV for its coverage of the incident and for receiving a call of demands from inside the church. What kind of freedom of speech that the Iraqi government is proud of, why the victims lost their lives for the freedom that they should enjoy, the freedom that the American administration promised the Iraqi people with!

For me and others we will not be celebrating this coming Eid, and this day will be for the rest of my life a day of shame on the Iraqi government and those who brought this former opposition to take over in this country and to replace a dictator with these politicians.

Our people also share responsibility for voting for these incompetent politicians.

Al Qaeda must pay the price for these atrocities, they must pay the price.

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