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Iran’s Green Revolution – Movement Towards Freedom 2009 Iran (Click)

Majlis raps interior minister for violence-tinged election

Tue, 23 Jun 2009 10:28:16 GMT


A group of Iranian parliamentarians have summoned Interior Minister Sadeq Mahsouli to address a number of questions regarding the June 12 presidential election and its aftermath.

Some 24 lawmakers asked Mahsouli to expound on a number of controversial issues, including the recent night raids on university dormitories and private residences by unknown groups, which have sparked a storm of protests in recent days, Tabnak reported.

Mahsouli took the rap for failing to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the attacks and leaving the issues in a haze of ambiguity.

He was also scolded for what the lawmakers believed to be “a lack of crisis management during the nine consecutive days of nationwide turmoil”.

The lawmakers demanded that Mahsouli give an adequate explanation regarding the sudden crackdown on Reformists, which has so far placed a large number of political figures behind bars.

The session comes shortly after Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani expressed his deepest concern over the Interior Ministry’s course of action towards the post-vote developments.

Larijani, in a rare internal criticism, held the Interior Ministry responsible for the recent attacks against civilians and university students.

“The Interior Ministry should clarify why the security forces destroyed the building and why students were injured or even killed,” said Larijani.

The Majlis speaker also recommended fresh television debates, asserting that “the voice of the people who have taken to the streets in millions should be heard.”

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