14 Jul

Iranian Mothers For Peace

The hope of living in a free and prosperous Iran, where there would be justice

Iran Chapter, Mothers for Peace

We are a group of mothers from Iran with diverse ethnic and religious background. We spent our youth struggling against the Shah’s dictatorship and imperialism; we are the mothers who participated in the revolution with the hope of living in a free and prosperous Iran, where there would be justice. To achieve our goal we paid a heavy price during the eight years of the imposed Iran/Iraq war, followed by heavy economic sanctions when we endured various forms of hardships, the least, waiting patiently in long queues every day only to provide basic food items for our families. We are the mothers who gave our children pride, honor and the spirit to seek justice, freedom, independence and peace.

Warning from “Mothers for Peace”

We, a group of mothers in this country have decided to look back at our past experience and invite all to join us in seeking viable solutions.

This is in view of the current instabilities in the region and the precarious situation of Iran, where the country is inflicted by unemployment, inflation and high cost of living primarily caused by disabling policies which in turn into increasing social problems.

Regretfully, the issue of sanctions, as well as no war/no peace policy  once again afflict  Iranian people, drain their energy and plunder their savings.  The same sanctions that destroyed our lives materially and otherwise before and after the eight-year Iran/Iraq war and now we  clearly see the consequences of being left behind development and progress in the world.

We believe the dangers and damages of economic sanctions in the long term are no less than  the military attack.  The sanctions will inevitably lead to further loss of country’s wealth through making higher and extra payments to dealer countries for provision of basic goods such as medication, powder milk, health/ hygienic, agricultural, industrial and constructional supplies. The sanctions will gradually paralyze people’s lives.

Sanctions could bring along consequences such as brain and wealth drain, bankruptcy of factories, unemployment, decreased production, higher cost of living, poverty, drug addiction and corruption. Poverty and corruption are fertile ground for internal hostility and conflict among people. Fear and anxiety about the future distract people from trusting each other and from remaining focused on the very goals for which they participated in the revolution, such as seeking justice, freedom, independence, progress etc.

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