28 Jan

Events of Interest

Obama vows to focus on jobs

US president says he will not back down from challenges despite “political setbacks”.
Twittersphere split on Obama speech
Full text: State of the Union
Reactions to Obama address
Obama speech: Key quotes
Has Obama become Bush II?
Obama: Year One
US on rocky road to recovery
Your views: Obama’s first year
Young girl rescued from rubble of school, 15 days after devastating earthquake.

Ousted leader arrives in Dominican Republic after new president offers safe passage.

Al Jazeera rejects US criticism

Haitian survivors fight for food

Guatemala arrests former president

US approves Taiwan arms sale

Oversight of Iraq contract ‘weak’


Karzai seeks Afghan reconciliation

Afghan president calls for reaching out to “disenchanted brothers” at summit in London on country’s future.
Is it time to cut a deal with the Taliban?
Timeline: Afghanistan in crisis
Mixed result in conflict resolution
Plan considered to buy off Taliban
Secret talks in Maldives


Ireland accused of exposing women to anti-abortion lies

Human rights group says women seeking information about terminations are told they

will often cause irreparable damage

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