12 Mar

Indict! Indict! Indict!

In the face of this blatant lawbreaking and institutionalized
torture and war crimes committed by the Bush administration,
now is the time for accountability. The mechanism
exists to hold these officials accountable for their
criminal behavior and dissuade future government officials
from engaging in torture, war crimes, warrantless
surveillance of Americans, and other lawbreaking activities
– criminal prosecution of those responsible.
A full investigation and prosecution of these actions by
the Bush administration is necessary for the Obama administration
to meaningfully reassert the rule of law in the
United States. Government officials are not above the
law, and their actions impact the lives of millions of people
around the world. Prosecuting these officials for their
activities is, in fact, a meaningful mechanism for securing
justice for the victims and the survivors of torture and war
crimes, as well as for deterring future government officials
from repeating this conduct.

Center for Constitutional Rights, Please sign petition.

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