01 Jul

If You Oppose Single Payer Insurance, Take Your Parents Off Medicare and Pay for Their Medical Bills Yourself

Submitted by mark karlin


I’m so sick of freeloaders on my tax dollars, aren’t you?

So, I want to get a message across to those who are on Medicare, and to the children of those who are on Medicare, who oppose health care reform and Medicare for all: remove yourself from Medicare, or remove your parents from it and just pay for your/their medical services without me paying for them, all right?

Before, BuzzFlash at Truthout has made this request of Tea Party promoters of the oxymoron: “Down with socialized medicine and the government better not touch my Medicare.” We’ve asked that those who have such outlooks to remove themselves from Medicare because we don’t want them to be such hypocrites and make us pay for a healthcare program that they oppose for other Americans under 65, but support for themselves.

Now we are extending that challenge to Tea Party advocates and other Americans who have parents on Medicare, but who in their middle age oppose improving healthcare insurance – for even themselves (out of ignorance, it appears). To those middle age Americans with such an outlook, we ask that you remove your parents from Medicare and pay for their healthcare yourselves. Because we don’t want to make a hypocrite out of you on our tax dollars by providing socialized medicine to your parents while you denounce it in principle.

And while you are at it, if you oppose medical care for all Americans, please sign a legally binding pledge – and this applies to all of you under 65 who oppose a single payer system – that you will not apply for Medicare when you turn 65 – and that you will not ask the US government to pay for your healthcare in your senior years.

And to those who oppose the partial healthcare reform bill that was upheld yesterday by the Supreme Court, we ask that you not put any of your children over the age of 19 on your insurance policy; we ask that you or anyone in your family who has a pre-existing condition not be covered; we ask that you be charged for preventative healthcare which the new law provides free; and we ask that you inform your insurance company that you do not want your lifetime coverage to be unlimited but you would prefer to pay all charges above a current lifetime insurance company imposed cap.

And we ask that you inform your insurance company that you don’t care how much they spend on administrative salaries as compared to actual healthcare (because patient care must be 85% of premiums under the new healthcare reform law); we ask that if you lose your job, you accept that you have no health insurance and incur massive debt if you need coverage; we ask that if you are an employer who will now be getting a tax credit for providing healthcare insurance to employees that you refuse to take the tax credit under the new law; and we ask that you if become extremely sick and are tossed off your insurance that you accept your fate and abide by your principles and pay for your care and your growing debt.

We know that you wouldn’t want to have it any other way. After all, the worst kind of person you would want to be is a freeloader on a program that you denounce.

And we can’t allow you, for your own integrity, to become a freeloader.

That would be downright un-American.

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