02 Aug

I morally object to being morally objectionable to Republicans.


Margaret, my late husband Harold was a sports fan but he hated the Olympics. He said if your score included style points then it wasn’t a sport, it was a show.  He still watched the Olympics though. I guess there was just enough sport in between the show to keep him interested. But when it came to gymnastics and figure skating he turned the channel. He used to say, “If you want to make it a sport put all the skaters  or gymnasts on the floor and tell them to do flips. No scores. No judges. Last one standing wins.”   I, however, love the Olympics.  I think those Brits probably would like a few more medals, but they do put on a good show… even if the Queen couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.   Funny how we went from Obama and Romney all the time to suddenly two weeks of Michael Phelps all the time.  It’s been a nice break.

But while the Olympics will be over in a week, the Republican war on women rages on.  The Affordable Care Act is finally making birth control, paps smears, breast exams and even breast-feeding supplies at least as affordable as Viagra.  But Republicans were already putting forth bills to reverse that action.  While the rest of us were watching the American women’s gymnastics team win gold,  Denny Rehberg,  a Republican Congressman from Montana,  released a labor, health and education spending bill  that would defund Planned Parenthood, block the implementation of the Affordable Care Act,  and allow any employer to deny women birth control coverage for “moral reasons”.  It would also increase spending for abstinence-only education.   And then there is Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt who has a  bill to allow insurance plans to opt out of the requirement on contraception coverage if they have moral objections.

An insurance plan can have moral objections?  So corporations can vote and insurance plans can find me morally objectionable.  What’s next?  Fast food companies can make kids gay?  No wait.  I’m getting confused.  I’m old.  It happens.

Yes.  Not having sex is an alternative to taking birth control pills.  But then again not eating fatty foods is an alternative to open heart surgery.  Anyone have a moral objection to insurance companies covering Cheney’s bypass… es… what’s the plural for bypass?

You know what?  I have a moral objection.   I object to the Republican party deciding that a separation of church and state doesn’t apply to their churches.  Last time I checked, my church didn’t have a problem with birth control and wasn’t trying to force anyone to use it or not use it. If Blunt and Rehberg object to birth control they can certainly start abstaining anytime they wish.  Something tells me their wives already have. I have yet to see any law passed by Democrats that forces Blunt and Rehberg to eat cottage cheese.

Maybe it’s just me, Margaret, but I smell a rat.  In the name of God, love of country and apple pie, the Republican Party’s biggest criticism is that  President Obama is making healthcare affordable.  They can’t even call it The Affordable Care Act.  They have to call it Obamacare.   What does Obamacare even mean?   Sure sounds like “I hate poor people” to me.  But I don’t always hear well at my age.  Maybe it just means “I don’t like a black man as President.”  Because I can’t for the life of me understand how else you explain their constant whining about taking care of the old and the poor.  I thought that doing otherwise was the morally objectionable thing.

Oh well.  Back to the Olympics.  Maybe the gymnasts from Great Brittain can get that Queen of theirs to crack a smile.  She’s beginning to remind me a little of Dick Cheney.  I mean it. Really.


I don’t understand it either, dear.  The idea of politics not getting into bed with religion is a pretty simple one.  But lately religion and politics aren’t comfortable with anybody getting into bed with anyone.  Even Howard and I eventually gave up our twin beds.  Now about the Olympics, I am afraid I can’t help you there.  Howard and I don’t watch them either.

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