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Now, tell me, again, what did our President say

as he ended his review of the war in Afghanistan?


Did our President say, “I am going to finish the job.”?

I am going to finish the job.” just “I” as in “I, the decider”?

just “I,” not “we,” not “our brave soldiers,” not “our allies,”  not “the congress”?

I am going to finish the job.”  Did our President say that?


Tell me, again, what did our President say?

Did he say, “I am going to finish the job.”

finish” as in “to successfully complete,” “finish” as in “to accomplish”?

finish,” as in “to win,” not “to re-think,”  not “to change direction,” not “to bring to an end”?

“I am going to finish the job.”  Did our President say that?


Tell me, again, what did our President say?

Did he say, “I am going to finish the job“?

the job” as in “a definite piece of work,” “the job” as in a “certain mission”?

the job” as in “the bombing, the killing, the dying,”?

the job” as in “that which we began eight years ago”?

the job” as in his “war of necessity”?

“I am going to finish the job.”  Did our President say that?


Tell me again, what did our President, Barack Obama, say

as he ended his review of the mess in Afghanistan?


I am going to finish the job. 


            hubris, as in “arrogance resulting from excessive pride which goes before the fall”



Mary O’Leary McGlinn

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Fantastic! So thought provoking and insightful! A real eye-opener- sadly:(

Pancha Tattva dasa

Okay, objection to the President’s perpetuation of the war in Afghanistan is well and good. But let me play the devil’s advocate here.

Here’s a problem that President Barack Obama has to deal with: Some eight years ago, a terrorist organization, sheltered by the governing forces of the Taliban in Afghanistan, made a successful attack on U.S. soil in the nation’s capitol and New York City. Some 3000 people were killed, virtually all of them civilians. The leader of that terrorist organization is still at large and has not been brought to justice. (At least in part due to the bumbling of the previous president, who decided to concentrate his efforts on a country that had nothing to do with the attack (Iraq).)

So, should the president command US forces in Afghanistan to leave? After all, it’s been eight years, so let’s let bygones by bygones. Should he have forces stay in the country, adopting a different strategy of negotiation with the Taliban to try to get to bin Laden? Should he negotiate a truce with bin Laden and al Quaeda? Should he regard the horrible crimes ordered by the previous president against the people of Iraq as a reason we should no longer pursue terrorists in Afghanistan?

And generally speaking, what should U.S. policy be toward terrorist organizations that attack our country and kill our citizens by the thousands? What do you propose?


You are correct, Pancha Tattva dasa, these are the questions we must deal with. And so, let us deal with them. What we are doing in Afghanistan? Are we fighting al Quaeda; how many al Quaeda do you think are now in Afghanistan? And what other countries are “terrorists” now operating in; are we to invade and wage war in those countries? And, dealing only with Afghanistan, what “terrorists in Afghanistan,” as you put it, are we waging war against? The Taliban? Are they the terrorists who attacked us? I would wish the Taliban were destroyed as a force in Afghanistan; I am haunted by their fundamentalist terror of women and children, but are we to rid Afghanistan of this obscene force and every other country who allows such violence against women and children? If only we could, without the death of thousands of innocents. And are we now hunting bin Laden? I have not heard Obama mention bin Laden, have you? And, finally, “generally speaking” I believe our policy toward terrorists who attack our country should be that of finding them, arresting them, and trying them in our courts of justice for the criminals that they are, which, for all our bravado and our boasting, we have not done.

Pancha Tattva dasa

Great reply, Mary, and one that I agree with. I’m certain that we’re still hunting Osama bin Laden, albeit with drone aircraft, firing explosive ordnance against perceived threats (sometimes civilian) from a comfortable chair thousands of miles away. No winning any hearts and minds with such high-tech cowardice. We are looked on with disgust for good reason.

As I hinted at in my previous post, I would advocate entering dialogue with the Taliban for the sake of cornering bin Laden. But it’s not that simple, I’m sure of that. This problem involves not only Afghanistan, but Pakistan as well – a country sliding into failed statehood. The situation has all the earmarks of Vietnam, only Vietnam didn’t have nukes. There’s a whole lot of karma happening, but that’s a topic for another time and place.

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